52 Students Get Ijede Development Foundation’s N2.6Million Scholarship

Kunle Adelabu

-Winners emerge in Debate, Quiz competitions

-Guest lecturer charges community on sustainable development

2023 beneficiaries of the Ijede Development Foundation (IDF) scholarship awards in group photograph with IDF chieftains and guests.

A total of 52 students in Ijede, in Ijede Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Ikorodu Division area of Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria, who were in various higher institutions in the country, have been awarded scholarship by the Ijede Development Foundation (IDF).

The beneficiaries were awarded the educational support at the 8th IDF Scholarship award, Quiz/Debate Competition, Annual Public Lecture and commissioning of the Mini Library/ICT Centre, held at the TBT Event Centre, Ijede, on Saturday, October 21, 2023.

18 of the beneficiaries are students that have been benefiting from the award and are maintaining their GCPA, while the remaining 34 are new awardees.

In the final of the Debate competition that took place at the event, Methodist Primary School, Oke – Eletu, Hadex Comprehensive College and Abule Eko Community Grammar school, Ijede, emerged winners in the Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools’ categories respectively, after an intense, engaging and highly competitive displays.

For the Quiz, Hadex Nursery & Primary School, Abule Eko, Mahmud Ahmaddiyya College, Ijede and Hadex Comprehensive College, Ijede, emerged winners in the Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools categories, respectively.

Alhaji (Prince) Jamiu Adio Saka, CLU, CFP, FCIT, F.IoD, LL.B, MILD, FCE, a former Chairman, Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) and an insurance expert, delivered this year’s IDF public lecture themed, “The Path To Economic Empowerment For All – Inclusive and Sustainable Developmental Growth”.

Students and a teacher of the Abule Eko Community Grammar School, Ijede receiving prizes as the winner of the Senior School category of the Ijede Development Foundation (IDF) 2023 Debate at the 8th IDF Scholarship Award, Quiz/Debate Competition, Annual Public & Commissioning of IDF Mini – Library/ICT Centre at the TBT Event Center, Ijede on Saturday.

The Chairman, IDF, Alhaji Fola Salu, in his address, said that the efforts of the foundation in awarding scholarship, have started yielding results with one of the beneficiaries giving back by being one of the lDF sponsors.

The excited IDF Chairman also said that another beneficiary of the group’s scholarship graduated not only as the best in her department but also in the entire Ikorodu Division.

“To the glory of God and the unflinching support of our sponsors and well – wishers, this program has started harvesting our mission and vision. Last year, I reported to you that one of the beneficiaries of this award, Mr. Abiru Musiliu (Jnr.), was so grateful to God and this foundation that he is now a proud sponsor of a scholarship award”, he said.

“I am excited to inform you, again, that another consistent recipient of this IDF awards was the Lagos State University (LASU) 2021\2022 academic session Best Graduating Student in the Department of Biochemistry and also the Best Graduating student in Ikorodu Division. She is Miss Rufai Azeezat Dolamu.

“I hope and pray that other recipients, both old and new, will emulate this outstanding performance”, the IDF Chairman charged.

Alhaji Salu said that beneficiaries of the 8th edition of the IDF scholarship, were put through necessary screening process to pick 34 finalists on merit, while others were selected among the old beneficiaries based on their current academic performance.

Pupils and teachers from Hadex Nursery & Primary School, Ijede receiving their prizes as the winner of the Primary School category of the 2023 Quiz Competition

“The privileged recipients you are about to witness today had gone through written examinations, vigorous screenings and interviews on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at the Anwarul Islam Primary School, Ijede. Fifty -Seven (57) students sat for the exam but only 34 Students met our requisite grades”, Alhaji Salu said.

“Again, in line with our tradition, the remaining 18 awards for today were selected from the old recipients after diligent examination of their current academic performances in their various institutions of learning.

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“Today, IDF shall present a total of fifty-two (52) Bursary – Awards of Fifty thousand Naira (N 50,000.00) each. Also, prizes for the Quiz and Debate Competitions in the three categories: Primary School. Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School, will be presented today. The preliminaries were held at ljede LCDA Hall on Saturday, September 30, 2023”, the IDF Presidents said.

The IDF Chairman thanked the consultant for the thorough job in selecting beneficiaries for the scholarship, while also congratulating the awardees.

Alhaji (Prince) Jamiu Adio Saka, delivering his paper as the guest speaker at the event in Ijede

“I deeply appreciate the high sense of duty and diligence displayed by the screening committee throughout the period leading to today’s event. With deep appreciation, IDF wishes to commend our independent consultants led by Mr. O.H. Oyewole and his team of judges, for their professional inputs in the Quiz and Debate programmes every year and for their wonderful jobs. We are indeed very grateful”, he said.

“While congratulating the recipients of the awards today, let me also encourage those who could not make it to this level, not to be discouraged. This is an annual event and with more efforts and determination, you too could emerge winners at the next edition”, the IDF Chairman charged.

Hon. (Barr.) Tajudeen Jaiyeola Agoro, Chairman of the occasion, emphasized that education is very important in the development of any community, while commending the IDF on its educational support initiatives.

He also commended Dr Ganiy Agbaje who has been consistently supporting the IDF programmes, and charged others in the community to emulate such gesture.

“Give education to a community and you have emancipated that community. You don’t have to give the community money, but provide all the necessary facilities for the children to be educated and you will be surprised with the returns that you will get”, he said.

Hon. Kareem Kabir (left) presenting prizes to students from the Hadex Junior Secondary School, Ijede as winner of the Junior Secondary School category in the Debate

“We must endeavor to give back to our source. No matter how little, because what you think that is little makes lot of difference when you give back to your sources – the family that you are born into, community and the larger society, and that means that Engr. Ganiy Agbaje has been giving back to his sources.

“Whenever you are in any position, always remember that you started from Ijede and always give back. That is the way that we can develop the community.

“I am so excited and happy to be here. So, my plea is that you must always give back to your source”, Hon. Agoro said.

Ijede LCDA Chairman, Hon. Motunrayo Gbadebo – Alogba, in her remarks, congratulated the awardees and scholarship beneficiaries, charging them not to rest on their oars.

The Council boss, who was represented by Hon. Kabir Kareem, Vice Chairman, also thanked the foundation for its developmental efforts in Ijede, and pledged the council’s further support.

The guest speaker at the event, Alhaji Adio Saka, in his paper delivered on the topic, “The Path to Economic Empowerment for All-Inclusive and Sustainable Developmental Growth”, said that community that wants progress must play its roles in the economic and social development rather than leaving everything to the government and other external actors.

Hon. Kabir Kareem, Vice Chairman, Ijede LCDA (2nd left) presenting prizes to pupils and teachers from the Methodist Primary School, Ijede, as the winner of the 2023 Debate Primary School category at the event

“Today, we gather to reflect on the profound import and responsibility of the Community Development Association in achieving the objectives outlined in our lecture on, ‘The Path to Economic Empowerment for All-Inclusive and Sustainable Developmental Growth’. It is vital to understand that economic development is not solely the responsibility of governments, businesses, or international organizations. Our communities play a crucial role in shaping their economic destiny, and together, we possess substantial collective power to drive positive change”, the guest speaker said.

“In the spirit of economic empowerment, our Community Development Association must unite its efforts toward realizing the economic goals of our town. This involves harnessing the collective capital power within our community to invest in projects that benefit all residents, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

“It is intended that we embark on a transformative journey that revolves around the idea of not acknowledging what we have, but harnessing it to create wealth. Our spotlight remains firmly fixed on the inspiring ljede community, where we will delve into strategies for converting communal capital into tangible prosperity”, he said.

Alhaji Saka pointed out that the resources that Ijede community has been endowed with like water resources, the thermal station and its traditional agricultural engagement among others, are enough for the riverine community to grow its wealth and develop it.

Hon. (Barr.) Tajudeen Jaiyeola Agoro, Chairman of the occasion (standing) with other guests

While stating that the body water surrounding the community can be turnaround to make Ijede a tourism destination, Prince Saka also emphasized that the Egbin Thermal Station can also power the community into industrial development through a concerted and deliberate efforts.

“Ijede Community, nestled in the heart of Ikorodu, holds the promise of becoming a veritable welch hub through the strategic harnessing of its communal capital. Amidst its rural backdrop, ljede is not just a part of the ljede Local Council Development Area; it’s home to the largest Thermal Gas Generating Station in the region – Egbin Thermal Station. But, our objective today goes beyond celebration; it’s about turning these assets into a source of enduring wealth”, he said.

“To fully grasp the path to prosperity, we begin by unraveling the threads of history. ljede community, comprising two distinct towns, ljede and Egbin, carries the legacy of rich fishing traditions. This unique coexistence offers an extraordinary opportunity for cultural tourism development, capable of drawing visitors and creating wealth for the community.

“Ijede’s natural wonders, exemplified by the remarkable Odoro water stream, are not just scenic marvels; they are potential sources of wealth. By strategically developing the stream into a thriving tourist destination, complete with eco-tours and cultural experiences, the community can generate not only income, but also much-needed employment opportunities.

L-R, Dr. Ganiy Agbaje, IDF patron, Alh. Fola Salu, IDF Chairman, Hon. (Barr .) Tajudeen Jaiyeola Agoro, Chairman of the occasion, Prince Akilo, guest and Prince Adio Jamiu Saka, guest speaker

“The Egbin Thermal Station, an industrial titan in its own right, represents a wealth-creating powerhouse. However, to unlock its full potential, the community must foster not merely produce energy; it should fuel local economic development. This could encompass the establishment of training programs, job creation initiatives, and infrastructure projects made possible through strategic partnerships.

“It’s imperative that we view communal capital, in all its forms, as the spark that ignites dance. The community should proactively seek ways to transform these resources into streams of income. This entails investing in local businesses, entrepreneurship, and exploring new industries that align with the community’s sand assets”, the guest speaker charged.

While advocating for multi – faceted approach to the development of Ijede, Prince Saka listed Education and Skills Development, Access to capital, Infrastructure Development, Support for Small and medium -seized Enterprises (SMEs), Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability, Good Governance and Rule of Law, Social Safety Nets, Innovation and Technology, Global partnerships and Community Engagement, as strategies that every serious – minded and development driven community must adopted to achieve sustainable development.

Others are Data and Monitoring, Long- Term planning, Rural Development, International Cooperation and Financial lnclusion.

“The future of ljede Community shines brilliantly with prospects of wealth creation. With a clear vision, strategic collaborations, and an unwavering commitment to harnessing communal capital for economic growth, ljede stands poised for a tomorrow rich in prosperity. Our journey has evolved from mere appreciation of existing assets to a roadmap for generating wealth. Ijede community’s communal capital is the key to unlocking its economic prosperity”, Prince said.

Otunba Lanre Kuye, IDF PRO, Alhaji Babatunde Taoreed, Vice Chairman and a member of the foundation

“By transforming its cultural heritage, natural wonders, and industrial assets into wealth-generating ventures, Ijede can blaze a trail toward a prosperous future. Let us march forward together, resolute in our mission to unlock the full wealth potential of communal capital.

“Furthermore, it is imperative that we foster an environment of cooperation and harmony within our community. Conflicts, when they arise, should be addressed with the aim of resolution rather division. A united community is a powerful force for economic growth and sustainable development”, he charged.

Other eminent personalities at the event were High Chief Musediq Alliu, the Regent of Ijede, Alhaji Babatunde Taoreed, IDF Vice Chairman, Mr Kunle Matti, IDF General Secretary and Otunba Lanre Kuye, Director, Information & Public Relations, Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), among others.

Participating schools at the event.
Guests and residents at the event.

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