Aroyewun Celebrates Valentine’s Day At Orphanage Home

Kunle Adelabu

Mr Hameed Olalekan Aroyewun, an aspirant for the Ikorodu Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly (middle) listening to Mrs Ileomon Aigbon, a social worker with the Hikinos Orphanage home, Igbogbo. With them are members of the HOA team during their visit to the orphanage home in commemoration of the Valentine’s Day.

In commemoration of the 2022 Valentine’s Day, Hameed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA), on Monday, February 14, visited the Hikanos Orphanage Home in Igbogbo area of Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, to spend time with the orphans.

The leading aspirant for the Ikorodu Constituency II seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly, visited the centre with friends and family members and also donated food and other items as part of his support to the home.

Some of the donated items were rice, packs of indomie noddles, packs of biscuits, packs of drinks, toiletries and others.

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14.

Aroyewun said that it is part of his core agenda to care and show love to orphans, special people, widows and others that are challenged.

He said further that he deemed it fit to visit the home to put smiles on the faces of the children in the spirit of the St. Valentine’s Day and support the management in caring for them.

“We are here today to show love for our children here, identify with them and make them feel and know that they are not alone”, Aroyewun said.

“We are only privileged but not better  than these orphans and that is why we must ensure that we come around them to show them love like we are showing our children at home.

“They are special members of the society and the responsibility of caring for them rests on every one of us. They need to feel loved and cared for and that is why we are happy to be here today and we will be coming around from time – to – time to identify with them.

“We want to thank the owner and social workers here for accepting the responsibilities of mothering and fathering these children and we are playing our own part in supporting them”.

 Aroyewun charged members of the public to use Valentine’s Day to extend love and care to those in need rather than engaging in social and indecent acts.

He said that he plans to support regulations relating to children in orphanages, less privilege, special people and those in need.

“It is our desire to give quality representation to the generality of our people with their mandate and children in orphanage homes, less privilege, widows, special people and others in need would be at the centre of our effort with good regulations and direct care from us. So help me God”, he said.

He charged other privileged individuals and groups to also cultivate the habit of visiting orphanage homes to support the upkeep of the children.

Aroyewun with his team during the visit to the orphanage home on Monday in commemoration of the 2022 Valentine’s Day.

While addressing the children, Aroyewun charged them to face their studies and work to become great men and women in life.

“I appreciate you and that is why I am here with my team to identify with you. We are here to show you love and affection and we are going to be coming around from – time – to – time”, he assured them.

“I want to charge you to face your studies because it is through that you can be anything in life.

“If you read very well and focus, the sky is not even your limit”, he charged the children.

Mrs Ileomon Aigbon, a social worker at the orphanage home who welcomed Aroyewun and his team, thanked them for coming around.

“I have been hearing about ‘HOA’ (Hameed Olalekan Aroyewun) and thank God that you are here today to identify with us. We are privileged to have you here today”, she said.

“We have abandoned children here; those that lost their parents and others that we are caring for.

 “One of our children lost her parents in a ghastly motor accident and she also got burnt”.

She informed Aroyewun  and his team that the home has some challenges that they want members of the public to assist them with.

“We have some challenges but we want to thank people like you for coming to donate food and other items to us.

“Part of the challenges that we are facing is the issue of the PHCN (electricity) bill.  We want support in this regard”.

Mrs Aigbon said that the spirits of the children in the orphanage are always high whenever they see people coming around to be part of them.

“These children want to be loved and cared for and they are always happy whenever people come around to identify with them”, she said.

One of the children led a prayer session for Aroyewun and members of his team to round off the visit.

Hameed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA signing the visit register on arrival at the orphanage home on Monday.

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