Relief As LASPOTECH HND Students Resume Back On Campus

Oluwakemi Jospeh & Tawakalitu Ashimiyu

-Institution maintains strict adherence with COVID-19 protocols.

HND students of Insurance Department, School of Management and Business Studies, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu main campus on resumption on Monday.

It was a great moment of relief on Monday, September 14, 2020, as students in Higher National Diploma I and II in the Lagos State Polytechnic resumed back on campus after about seven months that the institution, alongside other educational establishments, were closed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

 The Director, Information and Public Relations of the institution, Mr Lanre Kuye, had last week informed THE IMPACT that Higher National Diploma (HND) I and II students would resume on Monday, September 14, 2020, while National Diploma (ND) I students’ resumption has been slated for Monday, September 21, 2020.

Students in National Diploma (ND) II, according to Kuye, are to resume on Monday, October 5, 2020.

 Our trainee students reported that the institution ensured that students and staff complied with the COVID – 19 protocols upon resumption.

 According to them, only 30 students were allowed to occupy a lecture room that usually accommodates about 100 students before the outbreak of COVID – 19.

 The Polytechnic’s regulations also only allowed three students on a row as against the usual number of about five.

 The report also stated that an effective and well functioning disinfectant booth, which was manufactured by the Polytechnic’s School of Engineering, has been mounted at the entrances of the institution.

Also provided at strategic points are sanitizers, foot pedal machines containing water and liquid hand wash for staff and students coming into the lkorodu main campus of the State Polytechnic.

Also provided at strategic points are sanitizers, foot pedal machines containing water and liquid hand wash for staff and students coming into the lkorodu main campus of the State Polytechnic.

LASPOTECH in another department on Monday.

The use of facemasks was also made a mandatory requirement for entry into the campus for the students and staff.

 “We have actually started our second semester lessons with some lecturers on our online platform, but now, it’s going to be more  a effective and interactive session since we are back on the campus”, Lateef Oluwatosin, an HND 1 student of the Marketing Department said.

 Many students expressed their excitement over their resumption back on campus after a long holiday, especially the HND II students who are anxiously looking forward to completing the session and graduating from the institution.

“I feel very pleased and very comfortable resuming back to school because I have spent much time at home without receiving any lecture. Having online classes is not okay for me. I feel more comfortable being in the class with my course mates and lecturers”, Yusuf Fidaus, an HND I student said.

A student of the HND II class, who simply identified himself as Edwin Eriye, said:

“I would say it’s a very big relief having been at home for the past six months and for the fact that I am a final year student.

“It has not been easy. I am just a step away from graduating from the school and then the pandemic struck. I have been home for the past six months, so, to be back in school and seeing my friends and the joy that in the next few months, I will be done with my education and move on to something else feels great. So, I really feel great coming back to school”, Edwin said.

 Oluwatunmise Dahunsi, another HND II student, said:

“Well, I will say that I feel better because I have stayed at home for months and have lost virtually all memories of schooling. But now that we are back in school, we can do what we want to do and finish up once and for all”, she said.

 In her own reaction, Omobola Samuel, HND II student of Mechanical Engineering Department, said:

 “I am happy about our resumption. We are very happy because we have been at home for a while. The truth is that we are supposed to have graduated last two months but because of this pandemic, we were at home hoping for school to resume. We are indeed happy to resume back to school. Thank you”

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