My Foundation Will Seek To Help The Needy – Former Miss Ikorodu

Boluwatowi Islamiyat Olorunbe, the immediate past Miss Ikorodu.

Few minutes after she handed over the Miss Ikorodu crown to the reigning queen on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, the immediate past Ikorodu beauty ambassador, Miss Boluwatiwi Islamiyat Olorunbe, spoke with THE IMPACT crew led by its Reporter-in-Chief and Publisher, Kunle Adelabu. She bore her minds on her activities in the last one year of her reign, contest that threw up her successor and her pet project. Excerpts:

IMPACT: Good evening ma

Former Miss Ikorodu: Good evening

IMPACT: For the purpose of this interview, kindly introduce yourself.

Former Miss Ikorodu: My name is Bolorunbe Boluwatife, Miss lkorodu 2018/2019.

IMPACT: Could you please tell us how the journey was in the last one year of your reign as Miss Ikorodu?

Former Miss ikorodu: Well, it has been so good and I really enjoyed it. It was a stepping stone for many things that I intend to do in life. I really enjoyed it (laughter). Today, I launched my foundation before passing on the baton to my successor. That really made me happy and super excited.

IMPACT: Can you mention some of your achievements in the last one year?

Former Miss Ikorodu: During that period, I went to the rehabilitation and less privileged centers/homes to give them relief materials. I share the belief that it’s good to give out than to receive. So, I engaged in giving out and I pray God would reward me for the gestures.

IMPACT: Can you tell us how supportive Ikorodu people were to your reign?

Former Miss ikorodu :They have been very supportive, especially the chairman of Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS), Otunba Abiru. He has been a good father to me. Generally, Ikorodu people have been good to me. I thank them all.

IMPACT: You launched your foundation today, what’s the idea behind it?

Former Miss Ikorodu: It’s a foundation that will seek to provide help for the needy. We plan to help the young ones between the ages of 5 and 17 years in the area of education, feeding, clothing and others.

IMPACT: How do you intend to finance the project?

Former Miss Ikorodu: As I said earlier, this is a stepping stone for me , so I believe it’s a gradual process. We have our aims and plans on how to execute them. Definitely, we are going to be counting on members of the public, social groups, corporate organisations and privileged individuals in and outside Ikorodu for support.

IMPACT: How did you see today’s contest that produced your successor?

Former Miss Ikorodu: It was a free and fair contest. The judges did not base their judgement on today’s performances alone, they also gave considerations to the contestants’ performances while in camp. They have been in camp for the past three days and the judges were observing their attitudes, camera test, relationship with others and other criteria. Today’s performances carried just 35% of the total score while rest were based on the contestants’ camp performances. It was a free and fair beauty pageant.

IMPACT: So, you are happy to handover to Miss Omoshalewa Adenuga as your successor?

Former Miss Ikorodu: Of course, I am more than happy to do that. I am super excited and so happy to do that.

IMPACT: Okay, thanks for your time.

Former Miss Ikorodu: Thank you.

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