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Owodiwo Folami Alogba a.k.a Faboo

Owodiwo Folami Alogba, popularly called ‘Faboo’ is a singer, songwriter and a model. He got into music industry around 2009.Since then, he has released several hit  tracks such as  ‘Emi o ni fowo osi ju we ilu baba mi’, his first track which turned anthem for Ikorodu, his home town in Lagos State, ‘Take Me Home To Mama’ and  ‘Lodunyi’, an inspirational and prayer song. Faboo’s recent works are ‘Ibadi’ and ‘Moda4kerNevaLOvedUs’, both of which were produced by the talented producer, Matzbeatz. In this interview with THE IMPACT, Faboo spoke about his sojourn into music, inspiration, relationship with other established music acts, his latest works and love for Ikorodu. Excerpts:


IMPACT: Could you please briefly tell us about your background?


Faboo: I am a full native of Ikorodu. I was born and christened Folami Owodiwo Alogba but my fans popularly called me ‘Faboo’, which is my stage name. I attended both my primary and secondary schools here in Ikorodu, Anglican Primary School and Government College, Ikorodu respectively. I later attended Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo Campus. I was born and bred in Ikorodu


IMPACT: How did you get into music?


I started my music career in Ikorodu around 2009/2010. It was awesome because I got massive response from fans and great people of Ikorodu who showed me love and affections. The song, ‘Mi o ni fowo osi juwe Ile baba mi’ was a hit and everybody identified with it. It was not an easy task but we thank God that we are still standing representing my hood, Ikorodu and I will forever represent it. At that time, it was my name (Faboo) that rented the air across Ikorodu because of my representation of the town, especially with my music which is laden with local content that depicts Ijebu culture and values.


IMPACT: Where did you get inspiration to sing?


Faboo:  I got my inspiration from the love and passion I have for music and mostly, from my grandfather who was more or less like a musician. I love listening to him then,especially whenever he was singing Apala music and other songs. He was very good at it and he contributed greatly to the love I have for music. Another source of my inspiration are the legendary musicians which Ikorodu had produced and whom I listen to from time-to-time. The lifestyle of my people in Ikorodu is another factor that inspired me. We are full of life and also love life in Ikorodu..


IMPACT: After your first track (‘Mi o ni fowo osi juwe ile baba mi”), which was a hit, which other songs have you worked on?


Faboo: As I mentioned earlier, my first track was ‘Mi o ni fowo…’ which did very well, I have also worked and still working on my other songs. Music is an art; an endless thing, which you must continually engage in to improve.I also have songs such as ‘Take me home to mama’,(my second track) ‘Abosede’ and several others.


IMPACT: What is your reaction to the rumour making the round that you have left Ikorodu for Lagos Island and Surulere because you are not happy with the way you are being treated?


Faboo: ‘Emi o maa ni fowo osi juwe Ilu baba mi, ilu kekere oko ilu bantata’ (singing about Ikorodu from his first track ). Faboo is an original Ikorodu-born and he will always represents the town the same way Olamide is representing Bariga and Whizkid is representing Surulere. That we are conducting this interview here in Ikorodu (at Falcons bar & suites, Ebute) is a proof that your boy, Faboo, is always at home here.I am a proud Ikorodu boy.


IMPACT: But for sometimes now, you have been staying outside Ikorodu?


Faboo: You should know that I am a music act and entertainer and to stay on top of the game, there is need to explore so many places because that is what the industry demands. You cannot stay at one place and expect stardom. You should also know that in terms of music and showbiz generally, you cannot compare Surulere with Ikorodu. What we are doing is going out there to achieve stardom; get known and bring the glory and honour back home to our mother land, Ikorodu.

I must also add that Ikorodu people, especially privileged individuals, need to do more in supporting  their own people. Olamide, Qdot and others are being supported in their respective hoods. We need to show more love for our young ones in order for them to be inspired and encouraged.That being said, I still remain that humble Ikorodu boy and in anything I do, I always put Ikorodu first.

IMPACT: What is your relationship with other established and upcoming music acts from Ikorodu like Qdot, Atawewe and others outside Ikorodu?

Faboo: We relate very well. We aren’t competitors but brothers from the same town. I have great rappport with celebrities like Olamide,WizKid and most especially,Q.dot. He is not my colleague but a brother. We are family. We talk and chat often and also do things together.


IMPACT: What other tracks do you have to your name and what should your fans be expecting from you soon?


Faboo: Aside those tracks I listed earlier, there are ‘Ibadi’, ‘Moda4kerNevaLOvedUs’, ‘Dont love and Juice back’. I also want to tell my fans that I will be shooting a video in my hood at Anibaba in Ikorodu where I grew up, play and relate. I could have shot it in Surulere or VGC or elsewhere but Ikorodu is my home and we will forever be representing our mother’s town.


IMPACT: How do you see music and entertainment generally in Ikorodu in the next two to ten years?


Faboo: We are getting there and you can see that development is coming into Ikorodu. Very soon, Ikorodu will take its place of pride among the comity of towns. Our town is the future of entertainment in Lagos State.


IMPACT: Any word for your fans out there?


Faboo: I want to appreciate all my fans in Ikorodu, Lagos State and across the world generally.Many gratitudes for your love and supports for Faboo. Expect more from us. Thank you.

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