Press Release: Public Presentation of Historical Book On Ikorodu & Environs, Titled Orunsen (The Source)


In line with the 26th Ikorodu Oga Day celebration, Quiver Discovery in conjunction with Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS) is set to Launch a book titled, “ORUNSEN- the source”.

ORUNSEN literally means ‘The Source’ or ‘The Origin’, and the theme of the book is “…history of a people!”.

ORUNSEN- the source is an historical book that unifies the indigenous towns in Ikorodu Division. Its first edition to be launched comprises of the Origin of ten (10) indigenous towns- Ipakodo, Ikorodu, Igbogbo, Imota, Isiwu, Ijede, Egbin, Ewu-elepe, Owutu and Agura out of the Eighty Seven (87) indigenous towns in Ikorodu division with successive editions and reviews capturing other indigenous towns yet to be covered in this present one.

Ikorodu town and its environs are historically blessed to be deprived of her frontal relevance hence the need for proper documentation of our histories, cultures and traditions.

The contents of the book is retrospective and should be recommended for every youth of Ikorodu Division to afford them the opportunity to know how the communities started. The older generations too should be availed a copy maybe they will retrace their steps and leave for future generations histories worth documenting.

Our Division has the history of being together against all odds and the Ikorodu-Egba War remains a testament that if we pull our resources together as a people, we can win all wars.

Be part of this historical event by attending the Public presentation and Book Launch slated for 13th of November, 21017 at Ikorodu Town Hall, Olubi, Ikorodu, Lagos by 1pm.

Let’s together put our history on the globe.


ORUNSEN- the source


Princess Aderoju Ladega

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