Proceeds From Sale Of Tank Meant For Construction Of Borehole, Facilitate Approval For Health Centre, Police Post – Tinubu LSDPC Estate CDA

Wale Jagun

-We did not inform residents that LSDPC MD’s granted approval

The controversial water tank

The executives of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Estate (LSDPC) Community Development Association (CDA), Odonla, Ikorodu, has stated that the proceeds from the sales of the big tank at the government estate, is meant to fix the broken portion of the estate fence and facilitate approval for a piece of land to construct a police post and health centre for the inhabitants of the estate.

In a statement by the estate’s executive, where they explained that part of the proceeds would also be used to construct additional boreholes and a community town hall, they also clarified that they never informed anyone that the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC), Hon. Ayodeji Joseph, gave them the approval to sell the government property.

Mr Sylvester Joseph Ayobami and Mr Clement Anietie, Chairman and Welfare Officer respectively, signed the statement.

Aggrieved members of the estate had alleged in an online publication that the executives of the estate fraudulently sold the big tank meant to supply water to the estate.

They had alleged that the estate’s leadership confirmed that the LSDPC MD gave them the approval.

“The Executives of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Estate CDA, hereby, writes to clarify issues raised in the press release:

“The Executives, led by the Chairman; Mr. Sylvester Joseph Ayobami, never told any member of the Estate CDA that they got approval from the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of LSDPC, to sell the tank”, the statement said.

The statement explained that the decision to sell the tank was taken at general meetings of the estate in 2023 and 2024.

“At the general meetings of November 2023 and January 2024, the issue of the tank was discussed as it has not been in use since 2016, in spite of several attempts by previous CDA Executive to get it repaired, and it has now become rusted and corroded with its stanchion thus posing a great threat to lives and property should it collapse”, the estate executives said.

“The General House passed a resolution that the tank be dismantled and sold as scrap, and the proceeds from the sale of the scrapped tank is N3, 065, 900 (Three million Sixty five Thousand Nine Hundred naira only)”.

The statement also said that at another general meeting, projects that the proceeds from the tank will be used for, was resolved.

“At the November 2023 general meeting, it was resolved that proceeds from the scrapped tank should be used for the following: Fixing of broken portions of the estate fence;

“Construction of additional boreholes to supplement the existing ones;

“Getting approval for portions of land to kickstart the construction of a police post and a Health Centre, and to collaborate with adjoining CDAs to carry out palliative works on the access road to the Estate”, the statement added.

Tinubu Estate executive also informed THE IMPACT that they are also planning to commence the construction of a hall for the estate.

It was also established in the statement that there is no water problem in the estate, adding that water facilities provided by the elected representatives and others have been serving the needs of residents.

“We wish to equally state that we do not have water issues in the estate as we have benefitted from boreholes donated by Senator Gbenga Ashafa, Hon. Babajimi Benson, Zarin poultry farm, and other well-meaning residents”.

They apologized to the MD, LSDPC and the entire management of the corporation for any embarrassment the publication by the aggrieved estate residents might have caused.

Equally, the CDA excos also appealed to the aggrieved residents to sheathe their swords, while they maintained that they acted in the interest of general good of the residents of the estate.

Meanwhile, the LSDPC authority has pardoned the executive of the estate for the sale of the tank. According to the CDA Chairman, the pardon was granted during a meeting with the LSDPC authorities a few days back.

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