How We Have Been Immortalising Pa Jacob Odulate, Founder Alabukun Powder – Sir Joseph Odulate, Son

Kunle Adelabu

Sir (Otunba) Joseph Oluwole Odulate, KJW, the Olootu Mosene Family of Ikorodu and General Secretary, Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG).

The son of the Late Chief Jacob Sogboyega Odulate, fondly called, “The Blessed Jacob”, who produced the popular ‘Alabukun’ drug powder, Sir (Otunba) Joseph Oluwole Odulate, KJW, the Olootu Mosene Family of Ikorodu and General Secretary, Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG), has stated that the children and family of their late father, have been celebrating and sustaining his legacies and also immortalizing the Ikorodu – born iconic Chemist and inventor in their modest way.

Alabukun powder, which was used for pains, fever, heart attack, fatigue, migraine, prevention of blood cloth and toothache among other ailments, was founded by Pa Odulate in 1918, which is 105 years ago.

Pa. Odulate founded the drug which could be found anywhere in Nigeria and even in remote places while it was being produced, when he was just an apprentice in Abeokuta.

Otunba Odulate, KJW, who was about 10 years old when his father died, spoke with THE IMPACT, at the Ikorodu Ultra – Modern Town Hall, Ikorodu, about the iconic inventor.

“We have done our best in immortalizing him, as a modest family. We are not the type that blow our own trumpet or seek unnecessary publicity. At the same time, we have been doing some things in ensuring that he is properly immortalized”, Otunba Odulate said.

“The Alabukun powder, is well over 100 years old, and the family has been cooperating in sustaining the name. There used to be big families with big business names, but very few of them can boast of sustaining it for 100 years.

Late Chief Jacob Sogboyega Odulate, fondly called, “The Blessed Jacob”, who produced the popular ‘Alabukun’ drug powder.

“The family has been ensuring that, there is peaceful co – existence and it is the peace that has sustained the legacy for over 100 years, and it is still functioning and contributing to the development of Nigeria.

“We have also been able to established ourselves as a force in Ikorodu, even though our father left Ikorodu for Abeokuta, to establish his business and some people find it difficult to believe that we are from Ikorodu. So, we have fully established ourselves in our own town”, Otunba Odulate said.

While stating that his late father has been inducted into the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) Hall of Fame, for his achievements and contributions to Ikorodu Division, Lagos, Nigeria and humanity, Otunba Odulate added that the children of the late inventor, has excelled in their chosen careers which, according to him, is a greater way to preserve his late father’s legacy and immortalising him.

“He has been honoured with a post humous award in the Hall of Fame of the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) which is known for its human capital development. In the Hall of Fame, the IDRDG recognizes indigenes that have done well in contributing their own quota to the developments of the Division, Lagos State and indeed the whole of Nigeria”, he said.

“Equally, we have also ensured that his children excel in whatever endeavor that they are doing, because of our background. As at now, we have four members of the family as inductees in the Hall of Fame for the Ikorodu Division.

“Aside late Pa Jacob Odulate, we also have the First Medical Doctor, Albert Olukoya Odulate; First Lady Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Folake Sholanke, CON, SAN, and First Female Permanent Secretary in Lagos State from Ikorodu Division, Mrs Stella Odesanya.

“In my own capacity, I have also been serving Ikorodu, in many parts and not trying to be in the Hall of Fame. I belong to so many societies which have been doing very well in Ikorodu. I have personally dedicated a building to Ikorodu Club, and I had served the IDRDG as Auditor, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and now the General Secretary.

“What organization can you belong to that will serve humanity like the IDRDG? This is an organization serving the students in Ikorodu Division, and making them excel well in their lives. The Group is contributing immensely to the development of education generally in the Division.

“I also have Alabukun Oil, which is also an attempt to immortalize the Alabukun legacy, according to the question that you asked. We also have our father’s house which was a monument that was preserved, but it gave way for the extension of the Lagos – Ikorodu Road, but in our own wisdom, we manage to reconstruct the building which has been named Alabukun Plaza, despite the fact that government did not compensate us. It is on the major road and it is still there.

“We thank God that we have been doing everything to immortalize Alabukun. The products of Jacob Olugbenga Odulate, have in numerous ways sustained his legacy in the Division, at state level, national and globally”, Otunba Odulate said.

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