Resource Group Presents Textbooks, Graph Boards, Metre Rulers To Schools In Ikorodu Division

Kunle Adelabu

Sen (Otunba) Adeseye Kingsley Ogunlewe, Chairman, IDRDG (middle) presenting Graph Board and Metre Ruler to a School Principal (left). With them, Prince Rotimi Ogunleye, General Secretary, IDRDG at the presentation of educational materials to schools in Ikorodu Division by the IDRDG on Wednesday.

The Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG), under the Chairmanship of Senator Adeseye Kingsley Ogunlewe, former Minister of Works, on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, continued its developmental and educational support initiatives by distributing Textbooks, Revision  Books, Graph Boards and Meter Rulers to Schools across the Ikorodu Division, Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria.

The distribution exercise took place at the Gbadamosi Conference Room of the Ikorodu Ultra – Modern Town Hall, with Principals and other School representatives in attendance.

The Group presented textbooks in Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics and Revision Key Points in various subjects.

Also presented were Graph Boards and Meter Rulers.

In the category of schools that got Graph Boards and Meter Rulers were Reri Senior Secondary School, Igbogbo, A.U.D. Senior Grammar School, Imota, Ipakodo Senior Grammar School, Ipskodo, Ikorodu Senior High School, Ikorodu, United Senior High School, Ikorodu and Abule – Eko Senior Secondary School, Ijede.

 Also,  a total of 30 schools received textbooks.

Senator Ogunlewe, in his address, said that education of children must be a collective responsibility, adding that the Group is focusing on developing the human capital in the division.

“It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our children pass their examinations and receive quality education”, Senator Ogunlewe said.

“The significance of human capital development to the socio – economic growth of a nation, state and community cannot be over – emphasized, that is why the Group has committed itself to ensuring that the human capital of the Division is developed by giving its support as deemed fit.

“The activities of the Group are self – financed, resources are gathered through the contributions/donations by the members of the Group.

He said that the Group is partnering with the state government to ensure that students get necessary infrastructures and tools needed to study.

Prof. M.O. Ajetunmobi, Chairman, Scholarship and Training Committee, IDRDG presenting textbooks to a Principal.

“We are aware that the State Government has committed some funds to education but it is not enough, that is why the community – based organisations are partnering with it to ensure the overall development of our educational system”.

The IDRDG Chairman, who said that the Group will continue with its Mathematics and other science subjects competitions, also hinted that the body would encourage Mathematics Clubs in schools and organise workshops for teachers.

He also said that the Group is planning to provide some schools with the internet facilities.

Prof. M.O. Ajetunmobi, Chairman, Scholarship and Training Committee, IDRDG, commended the Group’s Chairman for his education, while recalling that the Group organized Mathematics competition for schools and distributed JAMB forms to students across the Ikorodu Division.

The Professor of Mathematics said that the chairman has charged that every student in the Division must pass their examinations which is why the body is doing everything to support the school and students.

He said that the inability to organize tutorial classes for students led to the idea of buying textbooks for the students.

“We actually planned to organize tutorial classes for the students but we discovered that they had gone on holiday. That is why the chairman decided to buy textbooks to supplement the efforts of the schools. That is why we are all here today”.

This is just a step forward, because the Chairman still has a lot of programmes for the school. He is always in the schools, Education is the only thing that we have and no other thing.

The Professor of Mathematics who said that Mathematics is the simplest subject, commended Keme Balogun for scoring 100% in the last Mathematics competition organized by the Group, while also charging other schools to improve on their Mathematics education.

Also at the presentation were Barr. Rotimi Ogunleye, General Secretary, IDRDG and former Commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Development, Mr Sikiru Amure, member, IDRDG, Mr Kunle Adesida, Executive Secretary, IDRDG among others.

Another Principal receiving donated textbooks from Prof. M.O. Ajetunmobi, Chairman, Scholarship and Training Committee, IDRDG, during the event.
Some of the donated textbooks and revised books on display before the distribution.
Sen (Otunba) Adeseye Kingsley Ogunlewe, Chairman, IDRDG, Prince Rotimi Ogunleye, General Secretary, IDRDG, Prof. M.O. Ajetunmobi, Chairman, Scholarship and Training Committee, IDRDG and Principals of the schools that benefitted from the donated Graph boards, Metre rulers, textbooks and revised books during the distribution on Wednesday.
Some of the donated items.

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