Get Your PVC To Get Things Right, Voices Heard – PDP Ikorodu

Kunle Adelabu

Dr Olanrewaju Oshin, Chairman, PDP, Ikorodu LG

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ikorodu, has charged Nigerians, especially residents of Ikorodu Local Government Area, to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) to change the leadership in the country.

The party said that it is only with the PVC that citizens can set things right and ensure that their voices are heard.

In a statement signed by Assistant Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr Sodiq Lamina, the party said that the situation in the country is nothing to write about.

The release is reproduced below:

“I wish to call on the good people of Nigeria, especially the youths, let us get our PVC done because, that is the only way our voices can be heard in the fight to set things right in our great country, Nigeria.

“This present situation is nothing to right home about, particularly with  several infringements  on our freedom of speech. We can no longer come together to fight for our rights without facing strong opposition. The police, who by law are expected to guard and protect us, are being used against us just as the army who are to defend the territorial integrity of our mother land , are rolled out to wage a war on us just like it happened during the 20th October, 2020 massacre when our brothers and sisters  were protesting with a peaceful demonstration to ask for our right as citizens of our beloved country, Nigeria. It’s been 2 years since this fateful incident happened, yet, nothing serious has been done to bring the perpetrators to book despite that a committee was set up in that regard by the present government.

“This government is  adamant and have refused to listen to the voice of reason to put things right and make life easy for us.

“It’s obvious they don’t  care about us, we have been struggling with fuel scarcity since the 7th of March, 2022, and nothing tangible has been done, coupled with the recent total black out in the country as a result of the collapse of the national supply grid. Despite all these, Mr. President has not deemed it fit to address his citizens. Is this the kind of insensitive government we asked for? So, let us all go out and get our PVC as that is the only way our voices could be heard by voting out this present government and bringing PDP back to power”.

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