New Varsity Needs To Be Structured In Line With Best Global Practice, Says Adesemoye, Broadcast Lecturer, LASPOTECH

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-Calls for renaming as University of Tech, after past governors

Mr Steven Adesemoye, senior lecturer, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH)

A senior lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Mr Steven Anu’ Adesemoye, has asked that the new Lagos State University of Science and Technology should be structured in line with the best global practice.

Adesemoye stated this while responding to the transformation of LASPOTECH into the University of Science and Technology with the signing of the bill into law on Wednesday by the Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Steve, who is a PR and Brand Manager, charged that the new institution should focus on technologically  based programmes.

He chatted with THE IMPACT online on the establishment of the new institution.

Adesemoye said that the development presented managers the opportunity to start afresh by properly structuring the system in line with best global practice.

“It is a welcome development.

“We are starting newly. We have the opportunity to structure the new University very well. We have adequate time to do the master plan that is enduring.

“This is the time for the stakeholders to visit similar Universities abroad, copy their winning models and domesticate the same here.

“We can’t be the same of the same. And the time to do that is now”.

He also charged that the admission provision for teeming Lagos students should not be the focus of the new University but should be focused on technology that will shape the future.

“Talking about additional University enrollment opportunities for Lagosians as the main reason for the transmutation is fantastic, but that is not enough”, he said.

 “As for me, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

“The new University must be practical based, unique with need-oriented curricula and specialise in endogenous technology for tomorrow.

“From 360° system automation, enviable structured academic culture, positioning for global competitiveness, to tracking of alumni etc, this is the time to address all that.

“I am aware there are different committees working on the transmutation, both within the Polytechnic and others that were commissioned by the LASG. As much as I would not want to preempt the reports of the committees, I need to lend my voice that this is the time to lay the foundation of a unique, niche and need-oriented Institution that is solidly rooted in endogenous innovations”, he said.

Adesemoye, who is a brand developer, also called for critical look into the image of the new University and called on the government to rename the new institution as University of Technology, Lagos State or after past governors – Alhaji Lateef Jakande or Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

“In the same development, we need to face the fact that the end users must take possession of the brand. There must be brand affinity. And it starts with the name”, he said.

 “Generation Z cohorts that are meant to be automatic brand ambassadors are techy, hippie, cool and swaggy. We must appreciate the idiosyncrasies of these young lads.

“They want it funky and snazzy. The Government, Governing Council or myself won’t have anything to do with the brand apart from the fact that I earn my pay.

“But these kids would carry the name till death do them apart. LASUSTECH bawo?”, he lamented rhetorically over the acronym for the Lagos State University of Science & Technology (LASUSTECH).

“As a brand person, I still cannot wrap my head around LASUSTECH as a brand name to ‘old product’ that is going through innovation, complete brand benefit/essence/promise and complete rebranding”, he said.

 “University of Technology, Lagos State (UT) or UTech won’t take away the fact that the University belongs to Lagos State. Better still, the University should be named after Lateef Jakande or Asiwaju, so that we can have our original brand name from scratch.

“With LASUSTECH as a name, Lagos State Government does not show love at all. Let no one remind me of the cliche, ‘what’s in a name?, please”, Adesemoye said.

The senior lecturer also charged that the new University needs lecturers with new skill sets, not necessarily academic qualifications alone.

“Another major issue is the people factor. While we change status, the skill set of the lecturers too must change. The new skill sets must meet the new needed sets. The kind of skills we are talking about here goes beyond PhD. The soft and niche skills are highly needed. And the time to start training and retraining is now”, he said.

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