Why I Did Not Invite My Associates, Friends To My 40th Birthday – Seun Elesho

Kunle Adelabu

Mr Seun Elesho

President of the Ikorodu Heroes (l-Heroes), Mr Seun Elesho who turned 40 recently, has revealed that the terrible traffic situation faced by residents and other road users along the Ikorodu road prevented him from inviting most of his associates outside Ikorodu.

Elesho said that he did not invite his friends to the ceremony because he did not want to embarrass his home town, lkorodu.

He spoke with THE IMPACT at the weekend, adding that the traffic situation usually faced by residents who leave home as early as 4am every day to get to their various places of work, is adversely affecting their health and families.

The traffic menace along the Ikorodu road has defied all solutions even after the administration of Mr Babatunde Fashola rehabilitated it to its present state and residents have been lamenting its effects.

“I did not invite most of my associates to my 40th birthday because I don’t want to embarrass Ikorodu further. The menace of traffic between Mile 12 to Owode – Onirin and from Majidun to Ogolonto is an embarrassment for Ikorodu”, a disturbed Elesho said.

“Many people don’t want to come to Ikorodu due to the permanent gridlock at Owode and Majidun”.

He said that the early rush to work by Ikorodu residents in order to beat the gridlock has been having adverse effects on them and their families.

“People slump in offices, they are less productive and men are even less productive in the ‘other room’ (bedroom)”, he said.

He also called out the Council Administrators in Ikorodu Division, especially the Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government, over the adverse roles being played by commercial motorcycles, tricycles and mini-buses, regarding traffic gridlock at Benson, Ikorodu garage roundabout and  on Ayangbure road.

“It appears that our local government authorities are not embarrassed by the roughness and unorganised traffic outlook from Benson bus stop to Ayangbure road. Maruwa (tricycle) operators, Okada (motorcycle) riders and taxis drivers, including wheelbarrow pushers have turned the road to their office (parks)”, he said.

“Street trading is now normal on our roads.

“The traffic within Ikorodu is mostly because of street trading and lack of parks for Maruwa, Okada and taxis… Even the first and last Mile 12 bus stops do not have parks and dedicated bus stops”, he said about the causes of gridlocks.

The I-Heroes president, however, proferred lasting solutions to the traffic menace on the affected roads and areas.

According  to him, the capacity of buses dedicated to the BRT at the moment are not adequate for the populace of commuters from Ikorodu.

“For a start, we need overhead bridges at Owode and Ogolonto for a start”, he said.

“BRT buses do have advantage but at the moment, they are not adequate to serve the population in Ikorodu. We may have to license more operators in the BRT corridor…”, he suggested.

“Or a separate lane be created for Owode people to tackle the traffic in that axis”.

“There is need for the speedy completion of Agric – Isawo – Owutu road to connected Lagos – Ibadan Expressway.

“We need train services from Ikorodu to Lagos Island and from Ikorodu to Shagamu. Mass transit is the solution” he said.

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