Excitement, Nostalgia As Oriwu Former Students Celebrate 25 Years After Graduation

Kunle Adelabu

-Support deceased members’ families, receive seniors’ commendations

Pastor Soji Shotuyi, Chairman, 1996 Class set of the Oriwu College Old Students’ Association of Nigeria (OCOSAN) and members of the set cutting the 25th anniversary cake of graduation from their old school.

It was a great and wonderful way to recall the good old days when men and women of the Class of 1996 set of the premier college in Ikorodu Division (now Oriwu Junior and Senior Model Colleges), gathered to celebrate the 25 years, anniversary of their graduation from their former school.

Members of the set numbering hundred at the ceremony brought back the memories  of their school days as they laughed, merry and had great fun at their get-together held at the HOMAT Basic Hall along Oba Omolaja road, lgbogbo, on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

The memorable gathering was indeed a funfilled one as the Deejay contracted for the event did not disappoint as he played various good old songs which included Hiphop, R & B, Raggae and other genres of music of the early 90s to enable the members of the set relive the good old days of their college life.

The set had, on Friday, December 17, donated 30 iron dining tables and a table tennis to the school.

Four family members of the deceased members of the set were also presented cash donation and a bag of rice each which, according to the secretary of the set, Kunle Shopitan, is the set’s little way of showing that they still remember their departed members with the promise that they would always support their families.

Pastor Shotuyi and a chieftain of the set.
Jubilant old school colleagues at the celebration.

Families of another six deceased members were also presented cash donation and a bag of rice each a day earlier.

Pastor Adesoji Shotuyi, Chairman of the Oriwu College Old Students’ Association of Nigeria (OCOSAN), Class of 1996, speaking with THE IMPACT, said that the celebration afforded him the opportunity to see those that he has not been opportuned to see for two decades.

“It has been a very wonderful moment since I have been here today. In fact, there are some I have not seen in the last 20 years but I am seeing them today and that is emotional of course”, Pastor Shotuyi said.

“We have some of our set that have passed away and it was even more emotional when we visited their families and seeing other today, we cannot do anything but to glorify the name of the Lord for all he has done for us and we believe and also pray that it can only be glorious and more wonderful in future by God’s grace”.

He said that their donations to their old school was to appreciate the impact it has made on them.

“Few days back, we donated some items to our former school and the reason for that is because we love the school and we are proud of our old school.

Donation of rice and money to family members of some of the deceased members of the set during the anniversary party.
Some members of the set in group photograph.

“I told one of the leaders in the national body that if l had gone to another school, it won’t have been glorious like this, but attending Oriwu College is a pride and every time I remember I was a student of the college, I am always happy.

“It is because of that we taught that the only way to support the school is to give back to it. The money doesn’t count but what matters is the value we have added to the school and for other set, we want them to emulate this”, he charged.

Shopitan, the Secretary of the class set, described the celebration as a rebirth of new beginning for members of the set to do more together.

“The significant of the 25 years anniversary is a rebirth of new beginning; of progressive administration; new way forward that has been charted through economic participation and accolades that we have receive from friends and family”, he said.

“We have not staged this 25 years anniversary just to merry together, no, we also have some of our members that are deceased that we are remembering. We felt that there is every need for us to touch the lives of  their families which we have done and some of their family  members are here today.

“We have reached out to them in the little way we can and we are still promising, if God still spare our lives, to do more than this and it will be more memorable when we are celebrating our 30th anniversary”, Shopitan added.

Itameta Sunday, a major stakeholder of the set, also expressed his happiness in celebrating with his mates 25 years after their graduation from Oriwu College.

“I am totally excited and so happy seeing my friends and school mates after 25 years. I have not seen about 70% of them since we graduated. It’s wonderful being in the midst of those who made my childhood memorable. It is a privilege and grace of God for me to see them again today”, he said emotionally.

“I pray and wish that in years to come, we will still be together celebrating and giving back to the school that made us what we are today.

“We are not perfect, some of us belong to School 2, these are those that are brilliant students then but today, both the brilliant and those in School 2 are here giving God the glory. I am so happy”.

Femi Oduwole, Welfare Director, Class of 1996 (right), Korede Kareem, members of Class of 1995 (2nd right), Lanre Kalejaiye, Chairman, Class of 1995 (middle), Abbey Shitta, Treasurer, Class of 1995 (2nd left) and Kunle Adelabu, Secretary, Class of 1995 at the 25th anniversary graduation of the Class of 1996 set held at the HOMAT Basic School hall.
Cross section of members of the 1996 set at the graduation anniversary.

Itameta said that the best way for the set and others sets to cooperate with the school is by giving back to it.

Rasaq Agbaje, another member of the set, also expressed his excitement at meeting his old friends again.

He added that members of the set will continue to support the school in their little ways.

Also, Alhaji Nurudeen Olorunnibe, in his own reaction, said that the set will still do more while thanking God for the lives of the members.

“I feel so great being here today and l am using this opportunity to thank God for allowing us to see this day because some of us have passed away and those of us that are alive today need  to thank God for His grace”, he said thankfully.

“Well, this is just a starting point, we already have that in our plan  and the starting point is what we have just done recently and l am very sure we will improve on that as we go on”.

Meanwhile, guests who are senior to members of the Class of 1996 set have also commended them for remembering to give back to their alma mater and also celebrating their anniversary.

Alhaji sikiru Amure, a chieftain of the national OCOSAN (left) and other guests at the graduation anniversary of the Class of 1996.
Mr Gbenga Odunniyi, President, Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) (2nd left), Comrade Kazeem Ogunnmuyiwa, a chieftain of the IYC (middle) and other guests at the OCOSAN 1996 25th anniversary graduation party on Sunday.

Alhaji Sikiru Amure, a retired Principal and chieftain of the national OCOSAN, speaking at the anniversary, felicitated with members and wished them many more years together.

“I want to felicitate with members of the 1996 class set for their silver jubilee anniversary and l wish them many more happy celebrations together.

Ibrahim Abari Abiodun, a chieftain of the 1993 set, also commended the set.

“I must say that they have really tried you know, and they have been representing the school very well”.

“Well, like one of our teachers said years ago that our former school, Oriwu College, is like a virgin that we have to continuously dis-virgin. So, we just have to keep doing our best for the college because it made all of us and we have to keep giving back to it”, he said while commenting on the donations made by the 1996 set to the school in commemoration of their 25th anniversary.

Mr Abari, Mr Sunday who are representatives of OCOSAN Class of 1993 and other guests at the Class of 1996 25th graduation anniversary.
r Abari, Mr Sunday who are representatives of OCOSAN Class of 1993 and other guests at the Class of 1996 25th graduation anniversary.
Representatives of OCOSAN Class of 1995 in group photograph with some members of Class of 1996 at their 25th graduation anniversary ceremony on Sunday.
Pastor Shotuyi and other members of the set.
Dancing time during the anniversary celebration.
Cross section of some members of the set.

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