Joint Task Force 4th Batch Departs For Training, As Ikorodu Security Initiative Gets 2 Patrol Vehicles

Kunle Adelabu

The 4th batch of the Ikorodu Division Joint Task Force during their parade at the Ayangbure palace today before departure for the Police College, Ikeja.

The fourth batch of the Local Joint Task Force of Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative LTD/GTE (IDPILG) today departed for training at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos.

The carefully selected personnel are part of the 200 personnel by the IDPILG, the newly established security architecture for the Ikorodu Division area of Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria, to provide intelligence and assist the Nigerian Police and other conventional security formations in combating insecurity in the division.

The team departed Ikorodu after a parade at the Ayangbure palace.

 Members of the three other batches have since been deployed and are now assisting police in combating crimes in Ikorodu.

Just like other three batches, the fourth batch will be training at the Police College for about three weeks after which they too would be deployed to join the operational task force.

The two operational vehicles for the Joint Task Force.

Meanwhile, Ikorodu Division Peace Initiative LTD/GTE (LJTF-IDPILG), took delivery of two of the about 20 patrol trucks that the Joint Task Force will be making use of in their operation.

Officials of the security architecture for the division took delivery of the trucks at the Ayangbure palace on Wednesday (yesterday) which is currently serving as the body’s headquarters.

IDPILG had, last week, announced its readiness to frontally take over the challenge of combating insecurity and correcting the image of Ikorodu Division during a press conference where they also announced the  establishment of the initiative while a Town hall meeting was also organised to declare war against drug abuse.

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