Update on APC Senatorial election for Lagos East: Primary postponed as Delegate refused to vote

The APC primary election for Lagos East Senatorial District has been postponed as delegates refused to vote for the sole candidate, Senator Olugbenga Bareehu Ashafa except he meet their demands.

The intervention of Mr Faud Oki and other party functionaries failed to pacify the delegates to change their minds. The party electoral committee was forced to postponed the primary.

Most of the delegates were even threatening to vote for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the coming general elction if APC and the aspirant failed to except their terms of being paid the sum of N50,000.00 which was negotiated to N30,000.00 per delegate.

Some of the delegates that spoke with THE IMPACT said that their refusal is their own way of getting what is due to them from the aspirant. They denied holding the party to ransom stating that they voted willingly in the House of Assembly, Governorship and House of Representatives primary elections.

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