Prince Samuel Adegboyga Oyebola ‘Ologijo’: A Professional In Politics For His People

Wale Jagun

Prince Samuel Adegboyea Oyebola

Prince Samuel Adegboyea Oyebola is a respectable political figure, financial expert, thorough administrator and informed political analyst who always strives for the betterment of his society and its people.

The popular politician, known and called by his household name, ‘Ologijo’ which was derived from his royal root, is not just a Prince of Ogijo and Ikorodu, but also son of  the late Oba, HRM Oba S.O. Oyebola, the Lemo of Ogijo and a first class monarch from Lemoruwa Royal family in Ikorodu who ascended the throne in 1953. This accounted for the way he carries himself, talks and attends to issues.

The occupant of the Lemo stool is always a descendant of Lemoruwa and Ameyiwa Royal family from Itunla/Lemo Compound in Ikorodu township. His family also holds the Royal title of Lemo of Ogijo and Lemo of Ikorodu from time immemorial till date.

His mother is also from Itunla in Ikorodu and Ebute-Iga in Ipakodo.

He is one of the few political figures that cannot be called a career politician but professional in politics for the good of his people and humanity in general.

As a humanitarian, Prince Oyebola has been assisting and making impacts on  many residents with his resources, wealth of experience and his vast connection. This is an aspect of him that he does not like making public and according to him, “ Some things are done because we are sent and not for political gains. These are things that are better left unprinted. It is a covenant between myself, the beneficiaries and our God”.

Ologijo is a religious and highly spiritual man who believes that the main essence of life and human existence is doing good for the general good.

While he is dedicated to his Christian beliefs, especially his Cherubim & Seraphim division of the Christendom where he is a Senior Pastor, Ologijo respects other religious beliefs, especially Islamic and traditional religions since both also propagate goodliness for people, advancement for humanity and knowing that God is the beginning and the end of everything.

An uncommon strategist, grassroots mobiliser and a listening manager of men and resources, Ologijo, who was formerly  a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), registered his brand in the annals of Ikorodu and Lagos political firmament when he entered the race for the sole seat of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives Candidate in 2006.

His campaign came with a massive wind that mobilized grassroots people throughout the length and breadth of the Ikorodu Division and gave the ruling party in the state then, Action Congress (AC), a big scare towards the run – up to the 2007 general elections.

Today, all that is now in the history but throughout his stay in PDP, Ologoji’s popularity was intact and on ascendancy, even despite his progressive tendencies.

Unlike many politicians who were made by their political offices or political patronages, Ologijo has his own businesses and only see politics as a means to further impact on the people and the society. It is for this reason he always used his hard earned resources in funding the PDP while he was there until he found out that the party, despite been the major opposition party, lacks strategy and means to wrestle power and the programmes to positively impact on the electorates, hence, his decision to joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) about five years ago.

Since then, he has been making impacts in the APC and continuing to contribute his own quota to the party in Lagos East Senatorial District, Ikorodu Division and in particular, Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area (LCDA) which  is his immediate political base.

“I believe that our impacts have been felt by the party. Take for instance, during the last general elections campaign, we had the opportunity of having our principal, Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro, incharge of the mobilization for the Presidential campaign and l was fortunate as well to be incharge of the same task in Lagos East Senatorial District, especially in Ikorodu Division”, Prince Oyebola said in an interview recently.

“We handled everything concerning transportation and mobilization of our people to Teslim Balogun Stadium and it was a very successful task. Asiwaju (Bola Tinubu) actually commended us for that.

“The mobilization committee, under Sen. Obanikoro, throughout the state was well organized. Even members of the party commended us. Each of the LGAs had buses and we provided logistics as well”, he added.

The impact of his followers were felt during the last General elections as there were increase in election results throughout the lkorodu division, courtesy of their aggressive mobilisation efforts.

As someone that prides so much in education, Prince Oyebola attended Molusi College Ijebu-Igbo/Remo, Continuing Education Centre (1976 – 1980), the Institute of Internal Auditors of Nigeria (Professional Certificate) 1981 – 1984, South West London College (UK) ACCA (Level 1) 1988 – 1990, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK)), London Metropolitan University (UK) ACCA (Level 2) 1991 – 1993, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK), the Greenwich University, London (UK) B.A (Hon) Politics (2008 – 2010) and London Metropolitan University 2000 – 2002 (Master of Arts-International Finance).

The popular politician is a professional member of the Association of International Accountants (AIA) (UK) 2005, Fellow, Society of International Accounting Technicians (UK) 2010, and Associate, Institute of Financial Accountants (UK) 2010.

Unlike many politicians who have no recognisable job and who see politics as their main meal ticket, Prince Samuel Oyebola has over time worked at many reputable organisations before joining politics while he’s actively engaged in his own personal businesses currently.

He was employed as Quality Control/Internal Auditor, Ultimate Global Chemical Distributors Nigeria Limited, Lagos, Nigeria (1985 – 1987), Accounts /Credit Control Manager, Basil Travel & Tour (UK) 1988 – 1991, Financial Controller /Mortgage Consultant, Richard Simpson International Finance Inc. (UK) 1992 – 1995 and Senior Financial Consultant/Partner (Mortgages, Loans, Stock Market, Business & Investment Advisers), Walton Financial Associate (UK) 1996 – 1999.

After many years of working for others, Ologijo started his own businesses which cut across several sectors which include finance, investment, property, consultancy and petroleum.

He was the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, S.A.O Property & Financial Consultants (UK) 2000 – 2006; Director: Finance/Small Scale Investment Review/Recommendation, Vision infinite International Relations/Financial Consultancy (UK),  2006 – 2009; Executive Director: Finance/Project Management/Asset Management/Liquidation Consultancy, and Search Right Consultancy Services (UK), 2013 – till date.

Also, he is the Principal Partner,  S.A.O International Finance/Political Consultancy Services (UK), 2013 – till date, CEO, Petroleum Product Marketing, Property Development, Importer & Exporter, Investment/Financial Consultancy and International Company Representative, VOE PROJECTS NIGERIA LIMITED (2010 – till date).

Ologijo is also an Associate Partner, Alao Ogunsola & Co  (Chartered Accountants)  based in Nigeria.

Before joining APC in November, 2017, Prince Oyebola was an active chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos East Senatorial District and Ikorodu Division in particular. He was practically financing the party in Ikorodu as stated in an interview with THE IMPACT recently.

“When I was in the PDP, I anchored the Ikorodu Division of the party. I meant that I was the leader in – charge of the division. I handled everything solely, both financially and otherwise. I can say anywhere boldly that I personally financed the party without getting anything from anybody”.

He also explained why he left the PDP for APC about five years.

 “I left the party because there was no progress unlike what we have in APC where things are working and there are lots of developments”.

While in PDP, Ologijo’s political engagements were impressive. He was the candidate of the party for the sole seat of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives Candidate in the 2007 General Elections.

He was appointed as a member of the PDP Governorship Apex body Campaign Committee and Coordinator for Ikorodu LGA (June 2010).

He was also in the PDP’s  Lagos State Contact and Mobilization Committee for Gubernatorial election (November 2010).

He was also one of the appointed Members (6- Member panel) for Transition, Reconciliation and Congress Committee to resolve political conflicts within the Lagos State PDP by PDP National Apex body/President Jonathan (December 2011).

His respectable political stature also earned him membership of the PDP Apex body in Lagos State/Member Council of Elders.

Prince Oyebola, as a loyal party member who earned members’ trust and that of the party’s leadership, was also elected as a National Delegate for PDP Presidential Primary – Ikorodu Federal Constituency (December 2014).

He was also appointed as the Lagos State Director of Organization for President Ebele Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organization (January 2015).

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