APC Registration Appraisal: Registration Supervisors, Party Chieftains Applaud Exercise.

-Explain circumstances surrounding shortage of materials

Kunle Adelabu

Hon Tawio Longe, the APC Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government and Hon. Folashade Olabanji – Oba, Vice Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government and Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria.

Supervisors of the ongoing All Progressives Congress (APC) membership revalidation/registration exercise and chieftains of the party have described it as a huge success and stated that  the exercise is needful for data collation and projection.

THE IMPACT, which has been covering the exercise more than any other news medium since its commencement, went round for monitoring and also sought the views of those managing the exercise for their remarks.

Hon Tawio Longe, the APC Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government, described the exercise as peaceful and successful so far.

He explained that the lack of materials for the exercise in the past few days is due to an inbuilt mechanism by the party to ensure that the materials are properly used.

“lt has been very peaceful as you can see that everybody in Ikorodu are eager to register with APC. From the onset, Ikorodu is normally progressive and you can see the turn out during the registration”, he said.

“No, there is no problem with materials. We have surplus of materials but they don’t want to give it out because people will misuse the opportunity. They are trying to monitor it. You are expected to return copies of the materials given to you immediately that you have exhausted them and you’ll be given another one.

”As far as Ikorodu is concerned, we have 330 polling units and the APC revalidation/registration exercise is going on in all these 330 units. Right now, it remains only one unit because we have submitted copies of the used materials in 229 polling units.

“Once we are able to submit that, we will be given another set of materials to work with.  By God grace, there will be enough forms by the weekend because we are working on submitting used materials in the only unit remaining.”

The Vice Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government and Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria, Hon Princess Folashade Olabinji – Oba who also stated that the registration exercise has been so far successful, also added that all the party’s functionaries are ensuring the exercise achieved its objectives.

“It’s been peaceful and successful so far. The turnout has been very good in all the polling units. We have not had any incidents and people are coming out to register and where there are shortages of materials, there will definitely be more by weekend for them.

Hon Tawio Orenuga, the Supervisor for the APC registration, exercise in Ikorodu LGA and former Executive Secretary, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA and Jimoh Azeez Olosugbo, another Supervisor for the exercise in Ikorodu LGA and former Council Leader, Ikorodu Local Government

“I am quite satisfied with what I have seen so far. It’s been very encouraging that people are coming out willingly to identify with our great party.

“Revalidation is necessary for any party to show how strong it is and that is exactly what APC is doing. It is a people’s project and you can see for yourself that they are accepting it.

“We are standing by our party and ensuring that we do all that are necessary to ensure that the process is successful”.

Hon Tawio Orenuga,  the Supervisor for the APC registration,exercise in Ikorodu LGA and former Executive Secretary, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, described the exercise as excellent due to the turnout experienced since it started.

“From our experiences in monitoring and supervising the exercise since it started last week Tuesday, we have been having excellent performances and we appreciate our members for coming out enmasse to get registered with our great party, APC, in Ikorodu LGA.

“The turnout has been wonderful and I expected it because of our party’s performance in governance; either at the state or federal level. You can see all the infrastructural development embarked upon by our governor.

“This is what has given our party members and other residents in Ikorodu confidence in our party and also encouraged them to come out en masse for the registration exercise”.

Jimoh Azeez Olosugbo, another Supervisor for the exercise in Ikorodu LGA and former Council Leader, Ikorodu Local Government, said that the challenges has been the distance among many of  the polling units, a situation he said INEC should note for proper re – delineation of Ikorodu LGA.

Commenting on the importance of the exercise to APC, Olosugbo said that it would assist in collecting data for projection in subsequent elections.

He added that the first batch of the exercise has been 95% successful.

“There has been no threat to the process but challenges due to the Ikorodu landmass and that distance among many polling units which are very far apart. This is part of the things that we are looking out for so that we can tell the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to re-delineate units in Ikorodu LGA.

“There are some units that are very close, but there are so many that are wide apart, thereby, causing mobility challenge which is the major problem we are experiencing but we thank God that we have been able to cover 95% of the registration for the first batch.

“At least, out of the 330 polling units that we have, we have been able to cover 95% successfully.

“We are expecting the second batch of the  materials that have been rolled out in lkorodu to enable us ontinue and complete the exercise.

“The turnout has been massive and we have been receiving calls from people that are still eager to register and revalidate their membership with our party.

Speaking on the importance of the exercise, Olosugbo said:

“The exercise, for me, is important because some people that registered as members of the APC some six or five years ago have left to other parties while many have also left their parties and are willing to join our party. There is an absolute need to revalidate old members and also give new ones the opportunity to identify with us.

“For me, it is a good initiative and needed at this political period, especially with the coming elections in 2023 where you need to reorganize your political base at the local, state and national level for you to know what you have in your basket and know what you are working on.

“It is also good for our projection because in the APC registration, they will request for your Voters’ card and this will make us know those that are interested in our political parties but do not have Voters card. This will also enable  the party to know how to support INEC in conducting voters registration and why they need to have more hands because of the large number of residents in Ikorodu division.

“It is an important process. It is about collecting data and projecting. It would also allow us to know the percentage of youths, women and elderly people in our political party which will help the party in drafting its manifestoes among many other things”, he said.

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