By Toheeb Oke

Men in uniform are professionally expected to be law abiding, understand and respect simple regulations, proactively respond to security alert and situation, and humanely enforce clear order of regulation sets by the constituted authorities.

In as much this piece is to condemn the heinous activities of the police officers, it is quite important to appreciate some good eggs within the police service.

In a video circulating online revealing the criminal activities of some police officers in Ogun State – according to the state commissioner of police; the officers were extorting people indiscriminately, leading to depression and lose of life for many victims of criminality.

Such similar incident occurs on a daily basis at the front of the Nigeria Police Force, Ikorodu Divisional Headquarters along Igbogbo Road. These police officers, sometimes with members of Vigilante Group have turned the serenity of early morning atmosphere into dreadful situation for motorists and commuters in that axis and some other parts of Ikorodu Division. This is clearly not expected of law enforcers and acclaimed lovers of the people.

Early this morning at exactly 05:38, in an attempt by the police officers to stop and extort some guys in their cars (Toyota Camry), these guys tapped a moving motorcycle; this resulted into serious injuries to the bike man, the passenger (who was going to work), and destruction of the motorcycle – with serious maneuvering, the guys tried not to kill innocent souls this early morning. The surprising experience was the apologies from the police officers which indicated that they knew it is greatly wrong of them to extort the commuters. What would have be their statement if a more terrible outcome presented itself this morning? Would they apologise to the families of the victims if the situation exceeds the present hardship the victims are going through? It is inhumane that after the accident some people called the officers into the barracks asked them what happened, and few minutes later, they were outside continue their extortionate flight on the people.

Meanwhile, this is to remind the police force that they are not the only workforce in the country neither are they the only set of people that love to live large, contribute ridiculous money as public servants – everyone is experience the economic situation of the country yet, being modest and responsible in their respective line of service.

With due respect to the good ones, may the entire police force receive moral, and discharge their constitutional duties in good faith and clear conscience.

Toyib Oke, a community developer, writes from Igbogbo

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