Ikorodu LG 2025: Japheth Odesanya’s ‘Kolujo’ Team Sets To Hit Campaign Road

Wale Jagun

It is no longer a rumour that the former Secretary to the Ikorodu Local Government, Comrade Japheth Odesanya, is into the race for the Chairmanship of the Ikorodu LG, as the veil has been lifted off the masquerade.

It was revealed today that Japheth, a former Students’ Union President of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, and former Public Relations Officer, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), is the one using ‘Kolujo’ slogan which has been on the social media platforms since January 1, this year.

Odesanya is also the publisher of the rested Factor Newsmagazine and the House Keeper, Factor Corridor, an exclusive relaxation spot located at Olubi in Ikorodu.

In a chat on THE IMPACT platform, Tayo Odesanya, who has been an ardent propagator of the ‘Kolujo’ ideals, shared pictures of the unveiling of the campaign vehicle by the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, with the symbol of the campaign of Comrade Japheth Odesanya, at the Solomade House of the political leader.

The Chairmanship aspirant engaging the former Deputy Governor on the Kolujo’s mission and vision.

Tayo, confirming that the ‘Kolujo’ Movement is now mobile with a campaign vehicle to navigate nooks and crannies of Ikorodu, added that the team visited the apex political leader to pay homage.

“But prior to hitting the nooks & crannies running, homage was due to none than GAC member & APC apex leader, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, for his blessings”, he said.

“Baba was ecstatic & impressed, not withholding his commendation & encouragement for the Kólùjó Team as the symbol put him through a content analysis of some graphic representations”, he added.

The political scientist and public analyst assured the populace that ‘Kolujo’ is bringing a memorable and good time to Ikorodu people.

“#KÓLÙJÓ, Ìgbà Yi Má Dùn”.

In a brief chat with the Chairmanship aspirant, Japheth Odesanya, he confirmed that he is the ‘Kolujo’s Movement symbol which, according to him, is geared towards the Ikorodu LG Chairmanship in 2025.

He promised that the Ikorodu public will be updated on the movement’s principles and ideals soon.

The grassroots mobiliser and orator enjoined members of the public to support the team’s vision in bringing Ikorodu together for economic, political and social developments.

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