King Kosoko Royal Family Calls For General Meeting At Ereko Palace

Kunle Adelabu

-As family head appeals for attendance, unity

The King Kosoko Royal Family of Lagos, has called on the sons and daughters, old and young members of the family, both home and abroad, to attend a general meeting of the family, for the purpose of forging unity among family members.

The meeting is scheduled to hold 11am at the King Kosoko Palace, Ereko, Lagos Island, on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Alhaja Alli-Balogun, Olori Ebi (head) of the King Kosoko Royal Family, appealing to the members of the family to attend the all – important meeting, said that there is need for members of the large family to keep touch with one another and maintain unity.

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The family head made the appeal at a press conference attended by chieftains of the royal family.

“There is no doubting the fact that the King Kosoko Royal Family is a large one and one of the prominent families in Lagos and as such, there is a constant need to harp on the unity of the family, and also take steps that will continually ensure that we all live in harmony”, Alhaja Alli – Balogun said.

“From the days of our progenitor, the Great King Kosoko Morounfolu, the family has always been in the eye of the public, and it is even more so now that it has expanded tremendously, with members making their marks in different spheres of human endeavours.

Emphasizing the challenges inherent in a large and popular family like the Kosoko Royal Family, the head of the family said that she has worked very hard with other members of the family in keeping the family together and that there is need to sustain the unity.

“It is, however, also true that this expansion and growth also come with the peculiarities noticeable in any large and prominent family”, she said.

“These peculiarities, I have had to contend with and work really hard to surmount since I was made the Olori Ebi of the King Kosoko Royal Family a few years back. I have worked, alongside others, to ensure that the family remains united and cohesive in many ways.

“At my age, one of the remaining wish I have is to ensure and see that the King Kosoko Royal Family becomes harmoniously united and closely knitted just the way our progenitor would have wanted it.

“It is for this purpose that I am using this medium to invite every King Kosoko sons and daughters to an all important general meeting scheduled to hold at the King Kosoko Palace on the 11th of February, 2024, at the King Kosoko Palce, Ereko”.

Alhaja Alli – Balogun, who said that the meeting is about moving the family forward, also added that she will be willing to answer any question concerning the family, from members that attended.

“I am inviting you all as your Olori Ebi and mother. It is a call to my children to honour me wherever you maybe so we can rub minds and deliberate on the affairs of the family in accordance with the law, and make continuous move in our journey as a family”, she said.

“At the meeting, I shall be answering necessary questions as the Olori Ebi, and you will all have the opportunity to air your grievances, if any, so that we can thrash whatever you may feel aggrieved about, once and for all.

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“My dear children, your presence at the general meeting is important and valuable to the progress, growth and unity of our family and for this, I shall be expecting you without failure. You are an important part of the family, so is your opinions and ideas, in moving the family forward.

“Let me use this opportunity to thank everyone that has consistently worked behind the scene and even in the open to ensure that the King Kosoko Royal Family remains one and united. May the spirit of King Kosoko continue to abide with you all”, King Kosoko Royal family head prayed.

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