When A Magistrate Suffers Injustice

By Bayo Akinlade Esq

Chief Magistrate Court Yaba, Lagos.

I have just concluded a workshop with Magistrates in the FCT and I must say that I am more convinced than ever that unless we start protecting our lawyers within the magistrate, our justice system will completely break down.

A critical look at the magistrate courts across the nation will reveal the contempt for which the other arms of government have held this level of the judiciary.

Shame on any Chief Judge who cannot ensure that every level of the judiciary structure is well catered for.

 Shame on the NBA for neglecting the needs and welfare of it’s associate members who sit on the Bench.

Where did we get it wrong? We all went through law school and we all paid the price to qualify. How on earth will the Bar separate itself from the Bench and neglect the needs of its members who are Judges, magistrates and Customary Court judges.

I find it completely irritating that less than 170 magistrates in Lagos State cannot have their basic needs met. These are people who are supposed to adjudicate over the lives and properties of citizens and they themselves suffer under great injustices.

The APC led government is fighting corruption but won’t deal with the issues that promote corrupt practices.

The APC led government is a disgrace when it comes to promoting justice and equity ….. You say you want to fight corruption but fail to strengthen the very arm of government and the institution which fights it the most is the judiciary.

They are all hypocrites, whether it’s the heads of courts or bar leaders or politicians….all are a disgrace to the coming generation.

Everybody blames the “system”….. The “system” is you and I, it is not a separate entity or some form of independent being, it is all of us occupying one position or the other.

The generations to come will certainly curse us for being self centered, self serving and for being completely heartless in the way we have conducted ourselves and how we have used our privileges to enrich and empower ourselves.

It’s time for true change and that change starts with you exposing the corruption and doing what is right.

By Bayo Akinlade Esq, former Chairman, NBA, Ikorodu.

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