Global Institute for Healthcare Advancement Organises Free Medical Tests For Ikorodu Residents

Wale Jagun

Hundreds of residents of Ikorodu at the weekend benefitted from a medical outreach sponsored by the Global Institute for Healthcare Advancement, during which they were tested freely for various medical conditions.

At the medical outreach programme, which took place at the Ayangbure palace, screenings were conducted for Hypertension, Blood Pressure (BP), Tuberculosis, Blood Sugar and Chest X-ray.

The facilitator, Dr Adeyemi Safari, who is an lkorodu indigene based abroad, explained that the medical support is his own way of giving back to people of his home town where he had his both primary and secondary education.

“This is a medical outreach for the people of Ikorodu community. I was raised in this town and I feel the need to come back here to do this outreach where I was raised”, he said.

“We are checking their blood pressure, and their blood sugar. We are trying to see that as an organization which is the Global lnstitute for Healthcare Advancement, we are trying to see what we could do to promote good health, health education and to increase access to health globally.

“I chose to start in my home town, Ikorodu where I schooled and grew up. So, coming back here is really important for me”, Dr Safari said.

Medical personnel attending to residents

While thanking the Ayangbure for making his palace available for the outreach, Dr Safari revealed that many of the beneficiaries were discovered with high blood pressure and were given proper medical advices.

“What I discovered is that a lot of people have high blood pressure and a lot don’t have medical institution that they go and that is one of the things that we could work on moving forward. We counselled them on what to do in term of what they eat, lifestyle changes, diet and other things in general, to promote good health”, he said.

“This is really beneficial to the community and I am really thankful to the King for accepting us in his palace which is a middle ground for people coming.

“Every one that has been here has been pleasant to talk to. They have asked a lot of questions and I am really happy about it.

“The chest x-ray goes deeper into what might be, because blood sugar really can’t tell everything. When you have high blood pressure, and you don’t know what the cause might be, chest x – ray is good in this regard”, Dr Gafaar said.

Health professionals conducting screening for Ikorodu residents

The Ikorodu-born medical doctor also assured residents that the medical programme will be sustained.

Meanwhile, in his royal remarks, Oba Kabir Shotobi, the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, while commending Dr Safari for returning home to give back, said that the initiative was beneficial to the residents.

“It is unique seeing our children that were born and bread in Ikorodu, returning to give back after going abroad for years. He spoke with me about the medical outreach and I gave him my support”, the royal father said.

“I have told Hon. Babajimi Benson and the Oniba of Iba here to witness the medical outreach. The medical initiative is to assist the community and it is a good and joyful thing for me.

“The initiator has promised me that it would be an annual event, and we have agreed that we will be holding it during the annual Ikorodu- Oga Day celebration so that we can reach more people”, Oba Shotobi said.

Ayangbure of Ikorodu also charged residents that they must always take good care of their health and take to whatever advise offered by the doctors.

A medical personnel attending to a Baale at the outreach

Dr Adesesan Rahmat, Director of Medical Services, Lagos State Health District II, who was one of the health professionals that attended to residents at the medical outreach, said that it is important that people check their medical status regularly and get appropriate medical attention needed.

“Hypertension is also called silent killer disease and it is important that residents go for regular check of their blood pressure and BP in health centres around them, and the General Hospitals”, she said.

“lt is good that they seek medical care and abide by the rules and the medication given, because it has shown that many hypertensive patients don’t actually comply with the doctors’ directive.

“Hypertensive patients have to reduce their alcoholic intake, salt, and engage in exercises regularly. Thry also have to reduce stress and always relax, sleep well and eat balanced diet like vegeyables and fruits.

“This outreach will add value to the people and allow them to know their medical state”, she said.

A beneficiary, Mrs Omotayo Atobajaye, commended the initiative.

“I came for BP and blood screening, and doctors told me that I am okay. I was advised to go back to my hospital whenever it rises again. I was also given drugs prescription”, she said.

Ikorodu residents going into a medical bus for screening

“This is a commendable initiative. They did not waste our time at all. The whole process started as soon as we got there”.

Another resident, the Olotu Erelu Ebube, Madam Bilikisu, also described the programme as timely, and urged the government to make such medical initiative available for senior citizens to benefit from.

“It was a wonderful programme and they attended to people very well, though, I was not giving drugs. I was told that I should be drinking enough water and take good rest”, she said.

“Government should carter more for the elderly by making medical outreach like this available for us and give us food support from time to time”.

Mr Lolade Olulade, another resident of Ikorodu, also commended the initiative.

“I came for the medical checkup and I thank God that I was told that my sugar level is okay and BP too. I thank the initiator of this medical programme for assisting residents in checking their medical status, because many have died because they did not know their sugar level and BP”, he said.

Dr Adeyemi Safari and other health professionals of the Global Institute for Healthcare Advancement at the palace

“This will go a long way in ensuring that people are aware of their health, and I want to charge the government to be organizing medical like this every six months for the residents”.

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