Oriwu College Class Of 1996 Honours Pastor Soji Sotuyi, Rasaq Agbaje, Olusesi, Other Founding Fathers

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-As Chairman charges members on commitment

Mr Adewale Odumuyiwa (Ayegbogbon), Chairman, OCOSAN Class of 1996 (Right) and other executives in group photograph with the founding fathers of the association after presenting them with awards during the reunion party.

The Class of 1996 of the Oriwu College Old Students’ Association of Nigeria (OCOSAN) has expressed appreciation to the founding fathers of the association with the presentations of Award of Excellence to them for their efforts in sustaining the group.

Pastor Adesoji Sotuyi, the immediate past Chairman of the set, led other chieftains that were awarded at the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association, held at the HOMAT Basic School Hall, Igbe junction, Igbogbo, on Saturday, December 23, 2023.

Others honoured were Mr Rasaq Agbaje, Mr Kazeem Olusesi, Anu Odukoya, Idris Azeez, Prince Adedoyin Amokunmosa and Mr Oludayo Adeyanju.

Members at the event took time to recall their experiences at their former school, Oriwu College, Ikorodu, which brought back good old memories which they laughed at.

Mr Yusuf Elesho, an administrative staff of the Lagos State University of Science & Technology (LASUSTECH) and Vice Chairman of the association, setting the tone for the gathering, said that the reunion presented another opportunity for members to recall their experiences together and renew their bond in advancing the course of their old school and individual members.

“It is a great joy today as we gathered to celebrate the rich memories that bind us together, the legacy of our alma mater as members of the esteemed old students’ association”, he said.

Mr Adewale Odumuyiwa (Aiyegbogbon), Chairman, Class of 1996, Oriwu College OId Students’ Association of Nigeria, OCOSAN, (standing), addressing members of the set at the reunion party.

“We are not just individuals but a collective embodiment of values, friendship and we share experiences that have shaped us. Today’s gathering is a testimony to the enduring spirit that unite us across the years despite the distance.

“Our journey from studentship to alumni is marked by countless shared stories, laughter and perhaps a few academics challenges that we overcame. As we reflect on our past, let us also look to the future with a share commitment to giving back memories and the next generations and contributions to the continued success of our alma mater.

“In the spirit of collaboration, let us renewed our bond, celebrate our achievements and embark on a journey of shared growth. Together, we can make a lasting impact, not only on our association but also in lives of those who follow our foot steps.

“I welcome you dear OCOSAN 1996, to this reunion of heart and minds. May this event be a catalyst for a renewed friendship, shared aspirations and a stronger, vibrant community”, Mr Elesho said.

The chairman of the set, Mr Adewale Odumuyiwa (Aiyegbogbon), described his emergence as few months back as privilege, and listing constant quarterly meetings, medical outreach, support for member’s health bill, and visit to family members of late colleagues as some of his administration’s achievements.

Presentation of an award to Pastor Soji Sotuyi, the immediate past Chairman (3rd left) by the current Chairman, Mr Wale Odumuyiwa (3rd right) and other chieftains of the association

“It is indeed a great privilege that I am standing before you today as the Chairman of this great association. It is a privilege and I give God the praise to be alive to witness this and I thank all of you, most especially, Pastor Soji”, he said.

“The journey started last 2022, when I was inaugurated as the Vice Chairman of our association. I never knew God’s plan then and I served as the Vice Chairman for months before I took over as the Chairman in August 21. With your support, we have been moving forward.

“On our achievements, looking at the number of members on our platform till date, we have 129 members and not all are paying. This is the only source of revenue for our set, and I want to thank those that are paying more than the annual dues.

“We have been having our quarterly meetings and we have had three so far, while today, which supposed to be the fourth, are being used as a day to merry and enjoy ourselves.

Presentation of an award to Mr Rasaq Agbaje (middle)

“We also organized medical program when we invited doctors and nurses to conduct blood sugar test, hepatitis test and others which many members benefitted from. We were also able to pay the medical bill of a member that was diagnosed with a disease and to God be the glory, the member is healthy and very much alive.

“Also, in the course of the year, we also assisted some of our members that sought our financial assistance for payment of school fees, house rent and other needs.

“We also visited families of our late members whom we rendered assistance within our capacity to. These are some of the things that we have been able to do in 2023”, he said.

While seeking for the support of every member of the set, Mr Odumuyiwa, also said that the association is honouring some of the founding fathers of the set for their contributions towards the development of the association.

“2024 is going to be a very challenging year, but I know that with your support, we will achieve more. I am appealing to all our members to support us in 2024, in achieving programmes that are listed for execution”, he said.

Mr Kazeem Olusesi (middle) receiving his award

“Today, we have agreed to honour our deserving founding fathers for piloting the affairs of this association. As the new executives, we deem it fit to appreciate these people that pioneered our association because if not for them, we would not be sitting here today. It has been their efforts that keep us moving.

“That is why we agreed that they must be appreciated, because we still call on them whenever we have any issue and assist us with solutions. With their support, we are moving.

He also announced that six members of the set will be supported with welfare packages, while also assuring that his administration will make good use of the association’s finances.

“Today’s event, which is the end – of – the – year party, might look small, but we are going to improve on it in 2024”, he said.

“We are also going to give out welfare packages to six of our members to have something for the period and I know that with your support, we are going to do better in 2024.

“We pledge that we are going to manage your finances effectively and efficiently, and I charge you to pay your dues and continue to support us.

Members of the at the 2024 reunion party

“I also want to appreciate some members that are always pay more than their annual dues and also support the association in other ways”, he said.

The occasion present members of the association another reunion opportunity as they fraternized, networked, wined and dined together at the party which lasted into late evening.

Also at the occasion were family members, friends and other guests.

Some members of the set
Guests at the OCOSAN 1996 Set’s reunion party

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