NIS Comptroller Urges Nigerians To Apply For Passport Renewal Six Months To Expiration

Kunle Adelabu

-As Igbogbo Passport Front Office opens for operations

Mrs Caroline Wura-Ola Afepoju, Comptroller General, NIS (3rd front row), Hon. Ibrahim Layode, Commissioner for Home Affairs who represented the Governor of Lagos State (middle), HRM Oba Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo (3rd left), HRM Oba Kabir Shotobi, the Ayangbure of Ikorodu (2nd left), Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun, GAC Chieftain (left), Builder Sesan Daini, Chairman Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA (Right) and a senior NIS official (2nd right), commissioning the Igbogbo Passport Front Office on Friday

The Comptroller General (CG), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mrs Caroline Wura – Ola Adepoju, fsi, pcc+, has urged Ngerians to apply for their passport renewal six months to the expiration time to avoid pressure and late minute rush in, adding that this can be done seamlessly online.

She also urged residents of Igbogbo, Ikorodu Division and Nigeria at large, against patronizing non – staff for the procurement of their passports.

The new NIS Comptroller General made the appeal at the commissioning of the Igbogbo Passport Front Office, on Friday, which happened to be her first official assignment in substantive capacity after her confirmation by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu, on the same day, which officially made her the first Yoruba person to head the NIS.

She was joined at the commissioning by the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide OIushola Sanwo – Olu, Senator Tokunbo Abiru and Rep. Babajimi Benson, who were all duly represented.

Also at the ceremony were Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, Oba Semiudeen Kasali, Ranodu of Imota, Oba Ajibade Bakare Agoro, Sekumade of Ipakodo, Oba Bashir Sotonwa, Olubeshe of Ibeshe, Oba Richard Ogunsanya, Eweye of lsiu, Oba David Balogun Raji, Alagura of Agura, Oba Ahmed Moruf Ogunnaike, Asiwaju of Igbogbo and GAC chieftain, Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun, President, Igbogbo Development Association (IDEA), Dr Omotunde Ogunlaja, former Head of Service, Lagos State, Prince Adesegun Ogunlewe, Agbaakin of Ikorodu and former Commissioner for Information, Lagos State, Sir (Otunba) Ayodele Elesho, Former Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Lagos State, Hon. (Chief) Mrs. Adebimpe Akinsola and Publisher of Oriwu Sun, Alhaji Monzor Olowoshago among other eminent personalities.

The Igbogbo Passport Front Office

“Today is my first day as full fledge Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service as I was confirmed today by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and making me the choice for the position actually surprise me, and I am thankful to the President”, the new NIS Comptroller General said.

“For the benefit of everyone here, I want you to know that today is historic in the history of the Nigeria as a nation. Nigeria Immigration Service is 60 years old, and I want you to know that by the grace of God and the benevolence of the present administration, I am the first Yoruba person to head the Nigeria Immigration Service.

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“Today is not speech making day, but a day to show appreciation to God Almighty and you the people. I want you to know that your representative, Hon. Babajimi Benson, played a major role in this passport office.

“Once the traditional ruler (Adeboruwa of Igbogbo) has made land available to us, we have been enjoying massive support from the people”, CG Caroline Wura – Ola Adepoju said.

Adepoju said that the NIS is increasing its passport offices to reduce pressure on the existing ones and serve Nigerians better.

NIS Comptroller General, Mrs Adepoju, representative of the Governor, the Ayangbure of Ikorodu and NIS officials during the tour of the facility.

“We have heard the cry of Lagosians that our service points are not enough and that is why we are in Igbogbo. We have mechanism to get feedback on the demands of Nigerians, and we are aware of what the people are going through to get passports”, she said.

“Since the emergence of Hon. Olubunmi Tunji Ojo as the Minister for Interior, he has pledged to turn the situation around and assured us that the present administration will make the whole situation seamless”.

Mrs Caroline Wura-Ola Adepoju, the NIS Comptroller General presenting Mr Muyiwa Odunnubi, Deputy Comptroller and officer incharge of the Igbogbo Passport Front Office to the royal fathers and other stakeholders in Ikorodu Division

She charged Nigerians, both at home and abroad, to make use of the office and warned them against patronising touts.

The Comptroller General also enjoined Nigerians to always apply online to reduce pressure on the system, stating that some countries like Dubai do not accept any passport with six months to its expiration date.

“We also want to let you know that you can apply for your passport, book and pay for your passport online. You don’t need anybody to extort you. We have well – trained officers, determined and well paid and ready to serve the government’’, she said.

“It is equally important for you to know that we have your son as the head of this office. We would hold him responsible. He is a Deputy Comptroller, and it is not a mere play to attain such position. We have seen him as somebody responsible, knowledgeable and an officer that will not bring the NIS into disrepute.

“We are also sure that all that were sent to assist him would do just that because they are also responsible.

“In addition, we want to appeal that you shoold always check the expiration date on your passport, and once it is six months to the expiration date, kindly apply and don’t wait till you want to travel and you check only for you to discover that it has expired.

The Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, representative of the Governor, Comptroller General, other senior NIS officials and guests.

“When you do that, the system will not be under pressure and you too will not be under pressure and you will not be subjected to the tendencies of exploitation.

“We also have some countries like Dubai, where you will not be allowed to visit if your passport has six months’ expiration time.

“Nobody will ask you more than the amount that has been stipulated online for the passport and once anybody demand for more, you should contact us through the contacts that we provided online. Once I get the information about such person, I will ensure that he or she is removed same day.

Sekumade of Ipakodo, Ranodu of Imota and Alagura of Agura welcoming the new Comptroller General

“We are here to serve you and not to exploit you. We will treat you with respect and dignity”, the CG Adepoju assured.

The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, represented by the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ibrahim Layode, commended all that ensured that the passport office is established, and thanked the Honourable Minister for lnterior for the reform he has introduced under the present administration.

Sanwo – Olu said that the Igbogbo Passport Front Office would bring about efficiency and a better service delivery in the passport service to Nigerians.

“I give gratitude to those who has contributed tirelessly to the establishment of this passport office. I will like to specially commend the Honourable Minister for Interior for the reforms that he has been introduced and which has greatly improved service delivery, especially in the process of acquiring the international passport of Nigeria”, the Lagos Governor said.

“Today’s occasion is the realization of needs to create a more efficient and accessible facility for passport service in Igbogbo, which will ease the pressure on other passport offices across Lagos, and mitigate the needs for the people of Igbogbo and its environs to travel distance for their international passport.

Comptroller General Adepoju observing the guard of honour

“This passport office represents not only the physical space, but also a commitment to serve the needs of our citizens and ensuring security and integrity of our nation’s border”, Sanwo – Olu said.

Comptroller, Immigration Service, Lagos Passport Command, Mrs M.R. Udo, described the commissioning as an historic one.

“This is a watershed in the history of the Nigeria Immigration Service as it underscored the very essence of the new passport regime. As you are aware, Ikorodu Local Government Area/Igbogbo-Bayeku LCDA constitutes the second largest area and highly populated area in Lagos State”, she said.

“The people of Ikorodu Local Government/Igbogbo-Bayeku LCDA, are well known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature, making it a popular destination for both businesses and tourism, whereby, constituting immensely to the development for Lagos State and Nigeria at large.

“Ikorodu LGA is a major commercial hub in Lagos State, and place that is home to diverse population that make up for different ethnic groups, consequently, the choice of establishing a passport office here fulfilled the desire of the Nigeria immigration Service to take passport processing closer to the Nigerian populace in order to reduce the stress of having to go far to get passport”.

Dr Molaja Ogunlaja, President Igbogbo Development Association, Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun, GAC Chieftain, Oba David Raji, the Eweye of Isiu and Oba Richard Ogunsanya, the Olubeshe of Ibeshe at the commissioning.

The Chairman of the Igbogbo-Baiyeku Local Council Development Area, Olusesan Daini, appealed to the Comptroller General to include the newly-inaugurated passport front office in the next upgrading process to a full passport office where passports would be produced and collected”, the Council boss said.

“This is something that we hold in high esteem. The Comptroller General, I want to assure that we know the challenges and the benefits that this will bring to us. When we talk of benefits, we mean the socio – economic benefits and putting our town and Division on the map and placing focus on us.

“There is equally going to be challenges like infrastructures. It is going to put pressure on our infrastructure, as well as security. All our hotels and hideouts must be watched, but I want to assure that with the support of the full security team that we have in Ikorodu Division, Area N and Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, we will do all our best to strengthen our security architecture. We will do our regular peace and security meetings, and if we need you to do one or two things for us, we will reach you through Mr Muyiwa.

“The Comptroller General, we want to appeal to you that in your upgrade process, consider us for full passport office. We know what we are currently having and we know the plan when we started this place”, he appealed.

Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA Chairman, political, religious and youth leaders in group photograph at the NIS Igbogbo Passport Front Office.

“This is supposed to be a full passport office, but there is a process. We are not coming into your process and try to jump due process. We are only saying that you will not regret the decision in terms of patronage, good relationship with the community if you make the passport front office a full fledge passport office”, he assured.

While thanking the Minister for Interior, and others that garced the occassion, Daini commended the representative of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency, Rep. Babajimi Benson, for his efforts in the siting of the passport office in Igbogbo.

“I want to specifically appreciate my brother, Hon. Babajimi Adegoke Benson, for his roles in making this possible. There was a day that we were on call – Kabiyesi, Hon. Benson, myself and the Comptroller General as acting then, and I could feel the zeal in her as she gave us an assurance. Thank you for fulfilling your promise”, Builder Daini said.

In his royal speech, His Royal Majesty, Oba Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, also stated that the commissioning is of great importance to Igbogbo, Ikorodu Division and Nigeria as a whole.

Traditional chiefs and residents at the commissioning of the NIS Igbogbo Passport Front Office.

“In very many ways, the establishment of the office here is significant. In our imagination, the entire world has become a global village and interconnectivity is no longer to be cumbersome. It is a courageous decision to explore every avenue to improve the economic, social, educational and cultural relevance of all members of this global community which, put together, continues to expect the continuous attention of government of the world to which the Nigerian government is responding appropriately”, Oba Kasali said.

“Every part of Nigeria counts and I will describe the move of decongesting the epic centres of Lagos and Abuja, as an apt resolve to increase the ease with which our citizens can procure their passports/visas which are legal requirements towards the interconnectivity I mentioned above.

“Experience has shown that people who genuinely need these vital documents for important purposes have either jettisoned the pursuit because they are simply not accessible or they had been swindled by fraudsters who exploited the unfortunate cumbersomeness around the procurement of the documents.

“Thankfully, however, the chance to alleviate this ugly situation presented itself when the Nigeria Immigration Service resolved to establish a Passport Office in Ikorodu Division, and Igbogbo community responded to this important need”, Adeboruwa said.

The royal father also thanked the Adeyanlu family of Igbogbo, for donating the land which was reserved for a market, for the passport office.

Former Head of Service, Prince Adesegun Ogunlewe, wife and other guests.

Traditional chiefs and residents

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