Mohbad Was Meant To Be A Prophet – Mother

Kunle Adelabu

Mrs Abosede Aloba, late Mohbad’s mother carrying his son at the corona inquest on Wednesday. Behind her is Mrs Wunmi Aloba, wife of the deceased singer.

Mrs Abosede Aloba, the mother of the late songwriter and musician, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad), has said that he was meant to be a pastor.

Mohbad’s mother, who was among the three witnesses that gave testimonies before the coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, revealed that she received a message while he was carrying his pregnancy that he would be a pastor when he grew up.

The distraught mother made the revelation at the corona inquest at the Candide Johnson High Court Complex in Ikorodu, on Wednesday.

Also at the Court to give testimonies were Mr Joseph Aloba (Mobahd father), and his DJ, Mr Ajisegiri Sultan Ayobami, a.k.a ‘Bami’, Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, his son and other family members.

“Mohbad was meant to be a pastor. I received this message before his birth”, she said.

Mrs Aloba, who said that she left Mohbad with his father when he was seven years, also said that she was opposed to his music career.

“When I reunited with him, I was opposed to his music career, because he was meant to a pastor as revealed before his birth”, Mrs Aloba emphasised.

The late Mohbad’s mother also explained that her late son, since their reunion, always call to inform her about his shows and seek for her advice.

She stated that he was always afraid of Naira Marley and Sam Larry, both of whom she alleged always threatening him.

“He was always speaking about Naira Marley and Sam Larry threatening him. He was always afraid, and always call me to inform and seek my advice before going to any show”, she said.

“I got to know about the whole thing with between him and his boss (Naira Marley) when someone brought his video to me, telling me to see Mohbad shouting that Naira Marley wanted to kill him.

“Myself, Mohbad’s dad and two other persons went to see Naira Marley to know what our son has done for him and resolve the matter. On getting there, Naira Marley’s mother was also there and she said that our boy was a good boy, but that she was not happy with the allegations that Naira Marley wanted to kill him that was on the social media.

“On returning home, Mohbad told us not to believe them and that they wanted to kill him.

“He (Mohbad) also stated that he had three years on his contract with Naira Marley, and he must see it through because all that he had were in their care, and that they would not release them except he fulfils the contractual agreement.

Mrs Aloba also recounted that her son, whom she said was in the studio on the day that NDLEA officials stormed their house, told her that he went back home on that day because his brother, Adura and Zino, were home.

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She also said that Mohbad had to detoxicate because of the effects of the water allegedly given to him by the NDLEA.

The late artiste’s mother further recalled that she was aware of three incidents that his son was beaten, adding that after he was allegedly attacked by Sam Larry and his boys while he was shooting a video with Zlatan, she insisted that the matter must be taken up, but that Mohbad restrained her.

“I know of three instances that my son was beaten, but after Sam Larry attacked him at the studio, I asked him if he knew Wasiu Ayinde, Osupa and Pasuma and he answered in affirmation. I then insisted that he should call Pasuma and report the matter to him”, Mrs Aloba said.

“He called Pasuma and I asked him to put the phone on speaker. We also planned to visit Oba of Ikorodu to seek his intervention, but my son later called it off, and warned me to be careful of these people because they can trace and kill me”, she added.

Speaking on the death of her son, Mrs Aloba said that she and his father were with him till Saturday, September 9, and that she went to Church and returned following Monday, and didn’t know that anything had happened to his son till she called his wife Tuesday afternoon.

“I was with him (Mohbad) till Saturday, when I left for a Church programme. His dad was also with us but he left on Friday. I was aware that he has a show in Ikorodu on Sunday (September 10). I wasn’t aware of any incident that happened in Ikorodu”, she said.

“I returned late the following on Monday, and I was the one that called his wife (Mohbad’s wife) on Tuesday when I was at the shop that my son got for me. Unfortunately, she cried out that I should be coming that she doesn’t want to lose Mohbad.

“I had to call his father and on my way, I called Darocha (Mohbad’s mother’s brother) who told me that I should be coming to his house. It was when I called his dad that he told me that my son had died, but I didn’t believe it.

“On getting to his house, I was prevented from entering but I noticed an ambulance which I thought came to convey him to the hospital for treatment”, she said.

Mrs Aloba, who also claimed that she didn’t see her son’s corpse, said that she was prevented from following the ambulance to Ikorodu.

“I was with them, but Mohbad’s father and Darocha prevented me from following them”, she claimed.

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