Oke – Eletu Begins Eyibi Festivals With Spectacular Agemo Performances

Kunle Adelabu
-Eletu pleads for strict adherence to Eluku rules

The 2023 Eyibi festival, also known as Agemo and Eluku festivals, began at Oke-Eletu in ljede Local Council Development Area (LCDA), on Saturday, October 21, 2023, with performances by Agemo masquerades at the night market square of the community.

The Agemo masquerades, which kick-started performances around 4.00pm, did not retreat into their shrines until around 8.00pm, and they delivered spectacular performances all through.

At the market place to partake in the traditional event were the chief custodian of traditions of the community and Eletu of Oke Eletu, High Chief Adeniyi Omotayo Ajayi, Olootu Shogba,Chief Alowonle Iludayo Awolate Osikoya, Asoju Kunle Akewusola, Asiwaju Agemo Felefon, Barrister Olatunji Osikoya, Chief Olumide Shobote, Olootu Ebi Moro Likanna, Chief Micheal Oluwasijibomi Ajayi and Alhaji Shotomide Jubril as well as family and community chieftains.

Also at the market square were the chieftains of Agemo and Eluku in Oke – Eletu.

High Chief Adeniyi Ajayi, speaking with THE IMPACT which is the official media partner for the festival, said that the annual festival, which is taking another dimension this year following his emergence as the Eletu of Oke Oke – Eletu several months back, is an age – long tradition which is used in bringing original sons and daughters of the community together in one hand, and indigenes and residents together on the other hand.

“The tradition is an age – long one inherited from our forefathers, which we use in bringing sons and daughters of Oke – Eletu, everywhere in the world, together. They usually return home whenever they heard that we are about to celebrate Agemo, Eluku and Eyibi festivals, to celebrate with us”, Eletu of Oke – Eletu said.

Agemo masquerade on display

“This year’s celebration is quite different from the previous celebrations, because we have been working towards the installation of another Eletu for about 10 years, the community succeeded in installing me which has added colours to the celebration.

“This is the first traditional festival that we will be celebrating in Oke Eletu, since my emergence as the Eletu of Oke – Eletu, and people are happy about it. That is why you are seeing them trooping out to rejoice with us.

“We have many of them returning home to celebrate with us, so also are those that reside here, both indigenes and non – indigenes alike”, the traditional head said.

While listing activities for the next seven days in celebrating the festivals, High Chief Ajayi warned that residents should adhere strictly to the rules guiding the festivals.

He emphasized the need for non-indigenes especially, to desist from coming out during the night that Eluku will be performing.

Agemo/Eluku chieftains at the market square

“Today (Saturday) is the first day which is ‘Ituworo’ by the Alagemo people, while tomorrow (today, Sunday) is the day for ‘Ojuse Eluku’; Eluku Olumori. Many sons and daughters of Oke – Eletu, will return home to perform their rites”, Eletu said.

“The importance of this festival is bringing together those of us that have same blood. Eluku is about original birth and blood, and it is not what money can buy. We don’t entertain friends or wealth when we are celebrating Eluku which is restricted to original sons and daughters of Oke Eletu.

“The festival allows those of us that are of same blood to come together and celebrate our heritage.

“My appeal to everyone, both indigenes and residents, is to adhere strictly to the rules guiding the Agemo, Eluku and Eyibi festivals. The first day, which is Ituworo is meant for everybody, and on the day for the celebration of Eluku, we will go to its shrine to do every necessary thing and at night, Eluku will come out, and those that are not entitled to watch it cannot come out at night”, Eletu emphasized.

“I plead with them to stay indoor that night and allow us to do our festival.

“On Tuesday, we are going to have the social party where we are going to feast everyone”, he said.

The traditional head of Oke Eletu, High Chief Ajayi, family and community chieftains. at the commencement of Agemo and Eluku festivals
Traditional drummers at the festival
women at the festival

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