Senator Abiru Celebrates Teachers’ Exceptional Impacts

Kunle Adelabu

The Senator representing the Lagos East Senatorial District, Sen. Tokunbo Abiru, has described the efforts of teachers, especially those in his district, in educating the masses as exceptional.

Abiru, who has been assisting teachers in developing their capacity through Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Programme at the SAIL Innovation Lab which he founded, said that the initiative is part of his commitment to development of education and innovation.

The two – term Senator made the statements today in commemoration of the 2023 International Teachers’ Day.

His statements are reproduced below:

Dear Esteemed Teachers of Lagos East Senatorial District,

On this momentous International Teachers’ Day, I stand in profound admiration and heartfelt appreciation to each of you who dedicate your lives to the noblest of all professions – teaching.

Today, we celebrate not just the profession, but the exceptional impact you’ve made, shaping the destinies of countless individuals, families, and our entire community.

Allow me to draw attention to our remarkable initiative, the Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Programme, facilitated by the SAIL Innovation Lab under my stewardship as Founder, at the SAIL Foundation. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to education and innovation, and it underscores our deep appreciation for your incredible work.

The Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Programme is a source of pride for me personally. It serves as a platform to recognize your unwavering dedication and also as a means to fuel your professional growth.

Through this initiative, you’ve gained access to cutting-edge teaching tools, invaluable resources, and the latest pedagogical methods, enriching your skills and knowledge.

As a result, you’ve emerged as true beacons of illumination, guiding our students towards a brighter future. Your tenacity, resilience and fervor in nurturing young minds have not gone unnoticed. Through your diligent efforts, you’ve instilled in our youths the virtues of knowledge, discipline and a tireless pursuit of excellence.

In today’s fast-evolving world, your role as educators has never been more pivotal. You’re not just teachers; you’re mentors, role models and champions of our students’ dreams. Your influence extends well beyond the confines of classrooms, shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

As we celebrate International Teachers’ Day, let us remember that your impact transcends textbooks and lessons. You are the sculptors of character, builders of dreams, and architects of a brighter future. Your influence knows no bounds, and your contributions are beyond calculation.

Once more, thank you for your boundless efforts and steadfast commitment. May your passion for teaching continue to ignite the flames of knowledge and inspiration in generations to come, and may your legacy endure in the hearts and minds of those you touch.

Happy International Teachers’ Day!

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