Ikorodu Resource Group Chieftains Commend Ogunlewe’s Leadership, Achievements

Kunle Adelabu
-Deputy expresses concern aftermath his exit

Sen. Adeseye Ogunlewe, former Minister for Works and Chairman, Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG)

Chieftains of the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG), have commended its Chairman, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, for turning around the 40 year old organisation that has been in the forefront of unifying the Ikorodu Division, and focusing on its development.

IDRDG was formed in 1983 for the purpose of assisting with development of Ikorodu Division and projection of its human and material resources. The Group changes its leadership every two years.

Sen. Ogunlewe, who emerged Chairman of the group in December 2021, and combines the position with the Chairmanship of the Ikorodu Town Hall Management Board, will be rounding off his tenure in December this year when another executive committee will be put in place.

Prof. Michael Ajetunmobi, and Sir (Otunba) Joseph Oluwole Odulate, KJW, who are the Vice Chairman and General Secretary, Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG), gave the commendations.

Ajetunmobi, a Professor of Mathematics, while commending the IDRDG Chairman at the graduation ceremony for the COHORT I students of the ICT Launchpad Program organized by the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) in partnership with ZKT recently, also expressed concern aftermath Ogunlewe’s tenure.

“I have always been talking about my Chairman, Senator Ogunlewe. He has done so much that I am afraid of what will happen when he leaves the Chairmanship position. When I saw Senator Tokunbo coming, I said that this what we have been looking for a very long time; to have Senator Abiru in our midst, and my Chairman has brought him”, Prof. Ajetunmobi said at the graduation ceremony.

“Most of things that I have been telling him are what we are seeing today. I had requested for scholarship for students studying in NOUN, and he agreed with me but we are still working out the modalities and that we should buy computer for training of students.

“We never had some programmes before in the Group; we never had enthusiasm as strong as this before in the Group and we have never had innovations as this. This (the IT Launchpad training) is just one of the innovations (under the Chairmanship of Sen. Ogunlewe).

“We had many other innovations in the last two years and I have been having headache on how to sustain them and again, you brought IT Launchpad (for the graduation of students).

“We have to sustain this momentum that Sen. Ogunlewe has started, and for those that study Physics, you know that when the momentum is high, there is no way you can stop it unless you have a greater force….”, Prof. Ajetunmobi said.

The General Secretary, IDRDG, Sir (Otunba) Joseph Oluwole Odulate, KJW, in an interview with THE IMPACT at the Ikorodu Ultra – Modern Town Hall, Olubi/Owolowo Road Ikorodu, said that Senator Ogunlewe, who represented the Lagos East Senatorial District between 1999 and 2003, and was also a Minister thereafter, has provided a quality leadership for the group.

He stated that the expansion of the Alhaji Musediq Alogba Library into the Alhaji Musediq Alogba E – Library & Research Centre with Barr. SAB Oteju ICT & Innovation as its innovation arm in response to the present global realities, has exposed students and other users to e – learning materials, and also benefited the the group in terms of making the public to be aware of its human capital development efforts.

“I have been the General Secretary under Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, for about a year and I must thank him for his leadership. He has been guiding us in the right direction, and brought more attention on the IDRDG”, he said.

“Now, we know that it is important that we have to give publicity to our activities as a group, which has not been the case before his (Ogunlewe) emergence. He has actually reactivated and rejuvenated the IDRDG, especially in achieving its aim of developing education in the Division, which is our primary aim.

“The IDRDG’s mission is to make Ikorodu the hub of professionals in Lagos State and indeed, the whole of Nigeria, and he has been working towards that path.

“He has developed the Musediq Alogba Library into an e – library which has been renamed Muse Alogba E – Library with online facilities where students can visit to educate themselves, because examination these days are computer – based which many of our students are not exposed to”, Otunba Odulate said.

IDRDG General Secretary also stated that innovation has assisted them in publicizing the activities of the group.

“The e – library facility has really exposed the IDRDG in the last few months that it has been established with the aid of publicity by some of you that we inculcated into the system. We thank you, Mr Kunle Adelabu in that respect”, he said.

“We have actually been doing quite a while, but a lot of people don’t really know the essence of our work and contributions, particular in terms of the human capital development, but the publicity which Senator Ogunlewe has brought in, has really helped in making the public know what we are doing. So, we thank the Chairman for that and we just hope that it can get better”.

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