Ikorodu Resource Group Trains Primary, Secondary School Students On Emerging Technology

Kunle Adelabu

IDRDG computer – based training for students in secondary and primary schools in Ikorodu Division.

Disturbed by the low – level of Ikorodu students’ knowledge in technology which is affecting their performances in Computer Based Test (CBT) in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) and Common Entrance Examinations, the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) has initiated special programmes to engage and prepare them for competitive education.

With its concerns about low – level admission into higher institutions, unity schools and federal colleges, coupled with its resolve to change the tide and improved students’ knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the IDRDG, under the Chairmanship of Sen. Adeseye Ogunlewe, the former Minister for Works, organized a 3 – Day orientation programme, in partnership with Tanteeta Robotics, an edtech (Education Technology) organization, at the Oteju Hall of the Ikorodu Town Hall, Ikorodu, between Tuesday, 23rd and Thursday, 25th of May, 2023, for students, with 45 primary schools and 21 junior and senior secondary schools across the lkorodu division benefitting from the initiative.

As part of the efforts to impact technological education in the division, the Alhaji Musediq Alogba Library located within the Ikorodu Ultra – Modern Town Hall, had earlier been upgraded to an e – library facility with 50 desktop computer systems.

The seminar focused on Coding, Software Development, Robotic Education, Artificial Intelligence and Professional/Career Development in ICT among others, with about 500 students benefiting.

Speaking with THE IMPACT on Sunday, Sen. Ogunlewe, said that the programme was organized to improve students’ capacity in Ikorodu and make them competitive. He also added that the Resource Group is disturbed by the low level of admission of students from Ikorodu into unity schools.

Participating students at the training

‘’We are disturbed at the lack of our students’ capacity to grasp the knowledge in the emerging technology which makes them lack the ability to compete with their peers, especially in JAMB and common entrance examinations. This made Ikorodu lose so much in terms of getting our children into Universities, Polytechnic and unity schools, because they do not have knowledge of computers which is essential if they are to pass JAMB and common entrance examinations”, Sen. Ogunlewe said.

“The four unity schools in Ikorodu Division are populated by children of people from outside Ikorodu, because our own children cannot pass their common entrance since they do not have access to computers in primary schools, hence, the seminar was aimed to change the tide’’.

Explaining the focus of the seminar, the former Minister said that:

‘’This seminar provided young people (primary and secondary school students) with an introduction to emerging technology, its impact on various industries, and the potential career opportunities it presents. By fostering curiosity and awareness, we aimed to inspire the students to pursue further studies and careers in this rapidly evolving field’’, he said.

‘’ It is expedient that students and youths of Ikorodu Division are prepared for the emerging technology in our world so that they would be able to compete effectively with their mates.

‘’In that light and in agreement with the objectives of the Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG), which is enhancing the development of human capital of Ikorodu Division, a 3-Day Orientation Programme on Emerging Technology – Robotics Education, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Possible Career Development in ICT among others, for Primary, Secondary Students and School Leavers, was organised.

‘’The students were introduced to the concepts of Coding, computer programming, software development and programming languages. They were able to grasp what it means to program a computer and what it means to be a computer programmer. At the programme, some programming exercises were done on the projector. Some students were further asked to solve some challenges as a group on the computer themselves”, Sen. Ogunlewe said.

‘’On the second day, the students and the instructor, went further to build a game together on the projector. The goal of the demonstration was to catch their interest and to show them how simple and possible it is to build their own game with minimal knowledge.

‘’We spent quality time explaining, in relatable language, the concept of intelligence as regards humans and computers. We discussed what Artificial intelligence is, how and why it was developed and tonnes of applications of AI in today’s world. We dealt with specific examples like image generation AI, voice assistance, home automation, Google assistance and ChatGPT. All these were demonstrated in class’’, he further explained.

Sen. Ogunlewe also stated that students were enlightened on the course they would need to undertake to become experts in the ICT world, and also engaged in debate to explain how AI could help to solve man’s problem in Nigeria.

He added that teachers were also exposed to AI platforms that could assist them in their teaching profession.

Ogunlewe also commended students that participated in the training for their interests and intelligence to learn and explore new areas.

‘’The students showed remarkable levels of interest, enthusiasm and intelligence during the training. Their inquisitive questions consistently pushed the boundaries of the class, extending our discussions beyond the planned material. This demonstrated their willingness to learn and explore new concepts, providing fertile ground for practical knowledge’’, he said.

In recognition of the IDRDG efforts and the upgrade of the Alogba Library to an e – facility, Sen. Ogunlewe informed THE IMPACT that the Ikorodu Local Government Education Authority has officially recognized the library’s ICT centre as a training center for students in Ikorodu.

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