By Matti Olakunle

The famous protest among the aggrieved youths and elders of communities in Ikorodu division of recent on the serious marginalisation of Ikorodu indigenes/residents from the state and federal appointments is worthwhile

Yes! It is right to seek for our constitutional rights as a people. Apparently, the recent distribution of appointments particularly the position of special advisers and commissioners in Lagos State is unfair, embarrassing and clearly did not demonstrate regards and encouragement for the hardworking voting class of the people of Ikorodu who turned out en mass in thousands to perform their civic duties by voting for the incumbent government at all levels at the 2023 polls.

However, I think the people of Ikorodu should stop protesting against marginalisation in the appointment of key political office holders in the state or federal government for now. I know this may sound unpopular, but the following reasons are responsible for my assertion for the need to shift focus on our demands as citizens of Lagos and Nigeria by protesting for the poor state of infrastructure & quality lifestyle in the entire division.

Apart from the central part of Ikorodu i.e LOWA, SOLOMADE, EBUTE, AGA, ITA-ELEWA, OJOGBE, LADEGA,OTA-ONA, ITAMAGA, EYITA,OJUBODE, IBESHE, SABO. that deceptively look like cities apparently for the state investment and commercial activities springing up in the main roads of these areas. Alas! When you access the interior parts of these areas one will be shocked with the disgusting state of most of the inner roads and infrastructure of the aforementioned city areas of Ikorodu.

When you move into the interior parts of Ikorodu division/LG unfortunately which is still recognised as one LG since it’s creation in 1967 by the federal government) such as GBERIGBE, ADAMO, MAYA, AGRIC ISHAWO, IJEDE, IMOTA, IGBOGBO, ISIU, ERIKORODO, ORETA, OFFIN, BAIYEKU, IGBE, AGURA, GINTI, EWU-ELEPE, ABULE-EKO, OKE-ELETU, IGBOPA, MOWO, Oke-Agbo, OKE-LISA etc. one will weep over a total neglect and poor government presence and investment into the quality of livelihood of residents of the area. You will wonder if these areas are part of Lagos.

These areas are the most populated where the average income earners and civil servants mostly resides.

Ironically, people move from the city side of Lagos to live in these highly serene environment of Ikorodu with a motive of reducing cost of living, enroll the wards in schools in Ikorodu etc.

It is disappointing that people are now selling their houses, quitting their apartments and started relocating back to the city part of Lagos for the following reasons;

  1. High cost of transportation in the interior parts of Ikorodu. The cost of transportation in the interior parts of Ikorodu alone to Ikorodu garage ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 naira daily. This depends on where you reside.
  2. Very terrible state of all inner roads in Ikorodu division
  3. Poor state of major roads.
  4. Industries are folding up.
  5. Unemployment
  6. Poor support for farmers
  7. Exploitation of the residence by Electricity Company by not providing them with prepaid meter after payment for the facility.
  8. Inadequate Electric transformers for the growing population of residents
  9. Lack of recreational centers
  10. Non-provision of other social amenities that encourage urban rural settlement.

I hereby appeal to all the relevant stakeholders not to see this piece as a criticism but a sincere reality that we must address in this trying period. Our people deserve a better standard of living.

Matti Olakunle, writes from Ijede, Ikorodu,Lagos

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