Abandoned Igbogbo Road Project: Again, Residents Cry Out Over Afa Bridge Flood

Kunle Adelabu

It was another round of lamentations by residents of Igbogbo, Igbe and other users, regarding the dilapidated condition of the Ipakodo – Igbogbo – Bola Ahmed Tinubu – Igbe Laara – Gintin Road, as the Afa bridge axis of the road, has remained impassable since the last weekend downpour.

The point where there is an ongoing construction of bridge before the HiTech Construction Company abandoned the road project for about two years, now makes movement difficult for motorists and pedestrians, because of the flooding of the Afa river.

The situation, which caused many vehicles to break down, has been causing residents terrible and horrific experiences.

Residents of Igbogbo and other users of the Ipakodo – Igbogbo – Bola Ahmed Tinubu – Igbe Laara – Gintin road, are, for the umpteenth time, calling on the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo – Olu, to ensure that the contractor is remobilized back to site.

They made the call on the Ipakodo – Igbogbo – Bola Ahmed Tinubu – Igbe – Gintin Volunteer Group’s WhatsApp platform, comprising about 1000 residents along the affected road.

Yisa Tawa, a resident of Igbe Laara, lamenting the sad experience by residents plying the road, expressed fear about what the situation would be if the road is impassable after a day downpour.

She called on the Ministry of Environment to intervene by dredging the creek for easy flow of water.

“This is a day rain in September. Please, let us write the ministry of environment to help in widening the Igbe side of the creek, to be able to accommodate the water from Erunwen through Elepe, so that our road will be free a bit during flood”, she said

Vehicles finding it difficult to move at the Afa axis of the abandoned road

Amb. POP, reacting, said he had to make a u-turn with his car, to follow a longer route when the road was impassable.

“I had to turn at Afa yesterday (Sunday) to take Elepe, see the distance that I have to cover again when I am about some kilometers to my house. School resumes today, our children will not be going to school. Ori wa a bi won”, he cried out

Princess Adenike, also commenting, said:

“Afa is so bad right now, lots of cars are in the water right now.

Meanwhile, another resident, Oritoke Saliu has suggested that the HiTech Construction Company should be approached to do palliative works on the road, and missed passable for the people.

“If only the Afa contractor can be approached to do some palliatives measures for us on Igbe Laara – Ginti Road , before the actual construction works resumes, to relieve the people of the hardship they encounter on the road, reduce the damages to the road before it totally collapsed. We really need quick relief on that road”, she said.

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