Andus D’Great Schools’ Proprietor To Graduating Students: Greatest Gift You Can Give Me Is Another 10 First Class Graduates

Kunle Adelabu

Mr Nasir T. Andu – Balogun, the Chief Executive Officer, Andus D’Great Schools.

Mr Nasir T. Andu – Balogun, the Chief Executive Officer, Andus D’Great Schools, lgbogbo, has charged his graduating students on the need to continue to pursue academic excellence and make him proud. He charged them to give him another ten First Class graduates in the next few years, when they would be graduating from various universities and other higher institutions of learning.

Andu – Balogun gave the charge at the 2023 Valedictory and Graduation Ceremony of the school, held at the school premises along the Offin/Oreta road, Igbogbo, on Friday, August 25, 2023.

The school owner, who said that he saw the greatness in the students when they were in JSS 3, and predicted that they would excel, revealed that the set is the best in the history of the school, to the amazement of parents and guests that were present.

“If you could still recall that I made a prediction about this set three years ago, and I am going to make another prediction today. I made the prediction because I saw them as serious minded students when they were in JSS 3, and I predicted that we are not going to do just one poster to celebrate a single student with outstanding WAEC results”, Mr Andu – Balogun recalled.

“I said that I was tired of having one student as the best in WAEC and JAMB, and that we should be having minimum of two, may be, I should have asked for five and behold, that particular set who are graduating in 2023, performed excellently in all ramifications.

“Character wise, they are students that always take to corrections when you chastised them for wrong doings. They would even come back to thank you for that. This will be the first set of students that did that. This is not because of the Chinese tea cup that you gave me, which shows some level of appreciations. Others (previous sets) would have gone and return to do that.

“I don’t know what you might have given your teachers, but do you know the highest thing that you can give me?”, he asked

“Presently, I have 10 First Class graduates that are former students of this school (your seniors) and as I am looking at this (graduating) set, you should be able to give me another 10 First Class graduates”, he confidently demanded of the graduating students.

He pledged to assist further in their tertiary learning to achieve the feat, while also charging them to be mindful of the set of people that they would move with after leaving school.

“You can do it and I will be willing to assist you. The guest speaker said, while delivering his paper, “show me your friends and I will tell who you are”, but he is my friend despite the age gap and we belong to the same forum together where we engage issues”, he said.

“I don’t have the opportunity that you have today because my father seated here did not send me to private school. I attended UAMC Eleja Primary School and Zumratul Secondary School, but I did not restrict myself to that level, rather, I move with people that I would learn from, like those seated on the high table today”, he added.

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