Ikorodu Decides : Our Plans For Ikorodu – LP Candidates For Ikorodu Constituencies Seats

Kunle Adelabu & Mariam Akinloye

Mr Kazeem Adeniyi Owoyele and Mrs Mwagbo james Jacinta Oluwadarasimi, candidates for the Ikorodu Constituency I and II seats in the Lagos State House of Assembly on the platform of the Labour Party (LP).

The duo of Mr Kazeem Adeniyi Owoyele and Mrs Mwagbo james Jacinta Oluwadarasimi, candidates for the Ikorodu Constituency I and II seats in the Lagos State House of Assembly on the platform of the Labour Party (LP), have shared their manifestoes which they intend to implement if elected to represent the people in the Saturday, March 18, 2023, election.

Owoyele and Jacinta unveiled their programmes.

The LP candidate for the Ikorodu Constituency I, Kazeem Owoyele was born into the Rademo Royal Family over 30 years ago.

He had his primary school education at Ansar-deen Primary School, Alakoro, and later attended Government College, Victoria lsland, Lagos. He studied Business Administration at Lagos State Polytechnic and currently works as a realtor.

His Constituency II counterpart is from Delta State, but had lived all her life in Lagos State, especially Ikorodu where she had her primary, secondary and higher education. She is a graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic (now Lagos State University of Science and Technology) where she obtained her Higher National Diploma (HND).

She is a certified Human Resource Management personnel.

Owoyele, who said that he has been engaging in community development in Ikorodu prior to his aspiration, said:

“I have supported lots of younger folks with talents in the community. I have bought GCE forms annually for youths in my area. I spent some time in Ijede where I volunteered to clean the community and l also installed boreholes around Lowa axis and environs.”

Sharing his views on representations in Ikorodu, Owoyele also stated what people should be expecting from him.

“I am a Prince, one of the true sons of the land. I know what we deserve and expect so from whoever would represent these constituencies, but I am disappointed that Ikorodu is still among those regions in Lagos state which hasn’t got to the level of other prominent parts, and that’s due to the underperforming representative that we have”, he said.

“My representation is to propose bills that could enable farming laws that will make agriculture an enticing enterprise in Ikorodu’s rural areas.

“Youths that intend to learn trade or vocation will be listed and posted to their various choice of the institutions (local businesses and vocational) with public funds.

“I will propose bills that will encourage private investment in public assets development. We can have private sectors build us a city metro linkup. Some of our roads aren’t in good shape and the linking ones to our rural settlements too, can be put in good shape through public-private partnership”, he said.

On his expectations from the election, Owoyele said:

“My expectation is to see people go out to exercise their civic duty to elect their leaders in a democratic way without intimidation. I expect the security operatives to be at their moral best to ensure voters are safe. I expect my people to come out in numbers without fear. It’s our nation and our city. Nobody can intimidate us’’, he said.

“I expect an improved commitment from the umpires. I expect a free and fair election”, he added.

Jacinta, who said that her philosophy in life is; be yourself wherever you find yourself, also stated that she got the ticket of her party because she desires change in her community.

“Labour party gave the platform to young minds that desire change in their community and I got the ticket”, she said.

“As a person, the platform to represent the common goal of humanity is one of my driving forces when I observed the consistency of our principal His Excellency, Mr Peter Obi. It soothes my kind of ideology of life. Life should be a level playing ground for all who have quality virtues needed to upgrade the mind of the people within their spheres of life.

“Everyone is important provided you can make good use of your mind positively for people around you to become more in life”, she added.

Unveiling her programmes, Jacinta said:

“My programmes for Ikorodu is to create a thriving inclusiveness and sustainable community that provides the opportunities for all citizens to thrives in their different professions; be it skilled or unskilled, in as much as creativity that will promote the growth of my constituency and Lagos state at large is prioritized”, she said.

Speaking on her programmes for women and children, Jacinta said:

“I will ensure full participation of women in terms of getting needed funds allocated to them for business, and those who are professionals, I’ll ensure that they get reasonable inclusion to build the economy of Ikorodu.

“Again, for the women programmes, I’ll also ensure their mental health is stable for quality input and output. I believe that when you build a woman, you build a nation. So many women out there are battling with identity problems that will be properly checked”, she promised.

“Children are God’s heritage to humanity. I hope to make their learning environment conducive, providing them with modern facilities that will make them stand tall among their peers from any walk of like.

“To add to the programmes for children, there will be catch them young activities based on their inbuilt talents. This will be incorporated into our programme. ….”.

She also pledged support for the special children who said deserves special care.

Speaking on her expectations on elections, Jacinta said:

“I believe my party will win. The generation we find ourselves now is operation do well and remain or mismanage office and get flushed out….”, she said.

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