With HOA4HOA’23, We Can Achieve The Trifecta (Part II of III)

By Nurudeen Oshinlaja

Hameed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA), aspirant, for Ikorodu Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly.

In part I of this piece, the idea of driving the development of the constituency with global mindsets was discussed.  It was suggested that to have the accelerated development of our constituency (in particular), the concept of you scratch my back, I scratch yours is no longer viable because it is not transformational. For HOA, the adopted concept is you scratch my back, I pass it forward. This will make majority to be better socioeconomically. In other words, you scratch my back, I scratch someone else’s leads to the production of an equitable society.

Here, the second element of the trifecta: The constituents will serve and be served is discussed. In short, this implies serving with the People.

Is it not disturbing that many contenders do not talk about service and how they intend to serve? HOA identifies and is prepared for unreserved service. His representation will serve the constituents whilst also getting the constituents to serve the constituency. With his representation, the constituents get ‘kingship’ statuses all the time rather than only when election approaches. His representation will close ranks so that all hands can be on deck for the many progress-making jobs to be done. He will initiate and facilitate programmes and projects that will maximally harness the inherent opportunities in the socio-economic environment of our constituency. His legislative agenda will be strong on raising control actions to lessen all threats to the development of our constituency.

In practical terms, in addition to his constituency office domiciled in IJEDE LCDA, HOA will establish at least three contact points in each of the three LCDAs to manage data and information affecting the constituency. HOA believes that not only is information key as we make progress, but information must be received timely and managed in real time.

In addition to information management, the contact points will perform functional roles in implementing the developmental projects HOA will be facilitating.

Also, HOA will initiate, organize, and enable a novel ‘I-Serve’ programme which will make constituents (especially the youth) contribute productively to total quality development of the constituency. The ‘I-serve’ programme is being conceptualized as a programme to provide (i) links to government and corporate paid work, (ii) special-stipend constituency jobs such as weekends jobs that undergraduates and school leavers in the Constituency can do, and (iii) well-recognized volunteering roles for providing community services. More details of the underpinning structure of this initiative will be rolled out in due course.

It is surprising that whilst the Lagos State government is working smart on achieving the ‘making Lagos a 21st century economy’ agenda, a crucial part of the Governor Babajide SanwoOlu administration’s T.H.E.M.E.S, some in our constituency want to keep us down with their primitive political ideas. All societies must start inwards and move outwards in order to have brighter outlook. Globalization is real to us; the constituency will be better if we embrace it. For instance enough of using our elders and the vulnerable persons among us for photo-ops once in 3-4 years, HOA’s social welfare structure will support them 24/7.

We have to look beyond personal gains on the matter of Ikorodu Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly representative. Each of us must prioritize responsibility and exemplary examples above ‘what-is-in-it-for-me’. The choice before us is one, clear and simple; it is HOA4HOA’23 all the way. This choice places the general good of the constituency over and ahead of our personal gains.

In part III of this piece, the ideas of instituting A Synergistic Constituency System will be discussed to complete the trifecta. Kindly watch out.

HOA4HOA’23: The Quantum LeAP!

Nurudeen Oshinlaja

For LeAP management team

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