Rhoda Foundation Begins Cataract Operations For Ikorodu Residents

Kunle Adelabu

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, Chairman, Rhoda Youth Foundation (standing 4th right), Mrs Tosan Erogbogbo, Director of the foundation (standing 2nd left), a staff of the foundation (standing left) with some of the beneficiaries and a doctor (right) before the cataract surgery at the Eye Foundation Hospital, Ikorodu on Wednesday.

Eight of the 53 residents scheduled for Cataract removal surgery, free eye glasses and further tests, on Wednesday and Thursday, had their surgery at the Eye Foundation Hospital in Ikorodu.

While four had the surgery on Wednesday, it was turn of another set today.

Beneficiaries of the surgery were full of praises for the Rhoda Youth Centre, the sponsors of the programme.

Three children and others listed for further examinations and glasses have also had their tests and those requiring glasses will get them by next week after picking frames of choice.

It would be recalled that over 100 residents of Ikorodu benefited from the free eyes screening and cataract removal surgery organized by the Rhoda Youth Centre, lkorodu, in conjunction with the Eye Foundation Hospital, Ikorodu, last week.

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, Founder, Rhoda Youth Foundation, speaking with THE IMPACT, said:

“Yes, we have commenced the surgery yesterday for four patients of those in need of cataract removal as recommended during the eyes screening exercise that we held last week”, he said.

“Another set had theirs today and it will be the turn of another set tomorrow and on Monday.

“We have also conducted further tests for some of others that require it and those in need of glasses have already picked their choice frames and they will be getting their glasses next week”, he added.

Mrs Kehinde Thomas, a resident of Igbe Laara who is one of the first set of beneficiaries, was full of thanks to the Rhoda Youth Foundation.

“The surgery was very fantastic. I didn’t feel any pain. The doctors and nurses around me were wonderful. It was a successful operation”, she said.

“I thought that I would be having pains because since I was born over 60 years ago, I have never had any operation.

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo and Mrs Tosan Erogbogbo with one of the beneficiaries before his surgery at the Eye Foundation Hospital, Ikorodu on Wednesday.

“The doctors even gave kudos for my cooperation with them”, she said.

Speaking about how she felt after the surgery, she said:

“Right now, I am not feeling any pain and I am okay.

 “I have been praying for the sponsors (Rhoda Youth Foundation) that the Lord should bless them and not let them know where that they are taking the money they are spending.

“They will grow from strength to strength and never lack in their lives. They have done a great favour for us”, she said.

Mr Fashola Ipaye, a native of Ikorodu who said that he got to know about the eye screening through a friend of his, also appreciated and prayed for the sponsor.

“I got to know about the screening through a friend who called to tell me that he had an opportunity for me but I did not believe him”, he said.

“In actual fact, I told him that he would not meet me at home if he he’s a minute late that day and he promised to come and pick me.

“I am very much appreciative of the gesture and I have been praying for the sponsors.

“May the Good Lord continue to be with them. In fact, I am short of words”, he prayed.

Mr Ipaye, who said that he has been battling with eye problems for a long time, also thanked the sponsors.

“I have been having a lot of problems with my eyes because I do a lot of reading. My other eye was operated on, about eight years ago by the Indians when I was in Palmgroove”, he said.

“I am full of praise to God Almighty who used Rhoda Youth Foundation to help humanity.

“The hospital staff are very good and patient. They took their time to explaIn to us the whole process”, he said.

Mr Kehinde Thomas who also spoke with our reporter was full of thanks to the foundation for the surgery.

Mr Austin Awulonu, a member of the foundation and a staff with another patient after her cataract surgery.
Mr Erogbogbo with two of the beneficiaries and one of their family members.
Mr Erogbogbo seeing one of the beneficiaries into the surgery room.

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