What We Have Been Able To Achieve In One Year – Oloja of Lagos Elect

Kunle Adelabu

Prince Abiola Kosoko, the Oloja of Lagos (Elect) (centre) with chieftains of Oba Kosoko Royal family while conducting journalists round the Oloja palace during the parley.

 One year after his emergence as the Oloja of Lagos Elect, Prince Tiamiyu Abiola Oloja – Kosko has given account of the mandate bestowed on him by the entire King Kosoko Royal family of Lagos.

Prince Kosoko, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Origin Zoo, Gardens & Resorts, Ikorodu, and the Alashe of Ebute – Iga, had on December 12, 2020, emerged as the preferred candidate of the family and on December 31, his emergence as  the Oloja-elect for was ratified and made official at the family’s Annual General Meeting.

He said that he decided to start implementing his vision for the family that entrusted their trust in him while waiting for the government’s formal recognition instead of sitting down doing nothing.

He gave his stewardship account at a media parley at the King Kosoko palace, Ereko, Lagos on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

“Last year December 31st made it a year that I was elected and ratified as the Oloja – elect by the family and that opened the space for the government to make it formal which the family has been waiting for.

“While still waiting as Oloja – elect, I decided that I should not just sit down waiting and more so, the family has given me their mandate and trust and that gave me the assurance that I should represent them and as a result, l decided to start implementing my programmes as included in my agenda and as submitted in various interviews as Omo – Oye (candidate) for the stool of Oloja of Lagos.

“The blueprint which was submitted to the family, is to make the institution which I am representing independent and make it run on its own during my time and thereafter.

“The idea is to create an institution that people can rely on and service itself and give members of the family a sense of belonging and not a winner takes all.

“Once you become an Oloja, there will  be a process to follow and that will not make you rich at the expense of other members of the family.

“I started executing the blueprint in January (2021) with the renovation and uplifting of the palace. When we came in, the tenants had occupied the whole palace. Even the main palace was used as a warehouse for fabrics by those selling clothes.

Prince Kosoko (3rd right) presenting a Oba Kosoko Memorial Museum calendar to Mr Tony Okuyeme, Arts Editor, New Telegraph (2nd right). With them are chieftains of Oba Kosoko Royal family.

“We called those sellers and I paid them off so that they give space and with that, I was able to free the palace of their activities and created space to embark on proper renovations that run into millions.

 “Now, you see that the palace is looking as new as it used to be

“Apart from that, I called all the family heads together to make them realize the need to start institutionalization of all the family properties because as far as I am concerned, the stool of Oloja of Lagos is one of the richest in Lagos but we just have to make business out of it.

“We have registered a business name in the name of the family called Kosoko Court Nigeria Limited which will take care of the family’s estate. We also registered at Kosoko Harbour which takes care of logistics. All these things are what Kosoko has”.

He said that the family has also established the King Kosoko Museum where the late monarch’s relics are kept for family members and members of the public to view.

“Within the year under review, we have also been able to establish the King Kosoko Memorial Museum because his relics are so many that we cannot just keep them aside but to let people see them and also talk about King Kosoko.

“We are starting another business entity in the name of Kosoko Memorial Museum with the relics that runs into thousands. Our intention is to make the palace a place where people can come for recreational and educational activities which can also bring in revenue. It will also create employment opportunities for family members.

“The museum makes young ones learn more about the history of the family because the family’s history is hidden in all those relics.

“We have also gone as far as registering another business entity called King Kosoko Farms and Beverages. We are looking at flakes, foods…

“We are looking at repackaging rice, beverages Among others. We have about 600 hectares of lands along the Ibeju Lekki axis and what we want to do is start a farming business there.

“We are in talk with the bank and they are willing to partner with us. I was also able to meet with the government of Namibia through a past President of Nigeria who made the partnership so easy.

 “All these in the name of bringing employment to our family members and members of the public because the government cannot employ everybody”.

He also announced that the family is also venturing into media with Ereko Radio and Newsletter.

“We have also started the Ereko radio which will be on by February. The radio  station will be talking about the past, present and future of Lagos. It will be a community radio station and there is also Ereko News.

“We are also going to be having Kosoko Micro – Finance Bank which we have also registered”.

He said that all the family heads are acquainted with the developments and other plans that will be unveiled soon.

Members of the family at the media briefing, including the General Secretary, Prince Sikiru Adeoye Kosoko, commended the initiatives of the Oloja and how he has been able to turn the family around for good.

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