Beauty, Glamour As Oba Eshinlokun’s Descendants Celebrate Late Monarch

Kunle Adelabu

Chieftains of Oba Eshinlokun Royal Family cutting the celebration cake during the 2021 Oba Eshinlokun Day in Lagos.

It was a celebration galore when descendants of former Lagos monarch, Oba Eshinlokun who died in 1819, recently gathered to celebrate 2021 Oba Eshinlokun Day.

The celebration, according to the family, was initiated to commemorate the reign of the late monarch who ruled Lagos between 1780 and 1819.

The late monarch, who was a son of Oba Ologun Kutere, also gave birth to children among whom were Kosoko and Idewu-Ojulari, both of whom also became Kings in Lagos.

The carnival – like event had the presence  of hundreds of members of several royal families and their branches, who are descendants of Oba Eshinlokun. They were uniquely dressed in special uniform ‘Aso Ebi’ attires as they converge on a strategic venue at the Marina Car Park on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Different masquerades took their turn to perform at the celebration.

Prince Abisola Kosoko, the Oloja of Lagos (Elect) (right( and Prince Jide Kosoko, a veteran Nollyhood actor and Prince of Kosoko royal family of Lagos (left) at the family tent during the Oba Eshinlokun Day 2021.
Fanti group performing.

Aside from the main table where the family heads, chieftains and special guests were seated and where the major activities took place, the Oba Kosoko royal family’s section also had several visitors who trooped to their stand to see relics and artifacts of the late Oba displayed by the family.

Some of the displayed items were royal relics from the Oba Kosoko Museum like Oripo Oloja Eko (Oloja stool), Keke Oba Kosoko  (King Kosoko’s Rickshaw), Aga Inoju (Oba Kosoko’s resting chair), Abere (Oba Kosoko’s official scepter) and Abere Oteniya (The royal scepter).

Also, war and slave relics like Kosoko canon, his sword and dane gun and Ide Owo ati Ese (Multipurpose Slaves Chains) among others, were also on display.

The wife of Oloja – elect, Olori Biola Kosoko was seen leading large numbers of wives of members of the family to dance round the Oba Kosoko’s section of the carnival.

Prince Abisola Kosoko, the Oloja of Lagos (Elect), speaking with THE IMPACT at the event, said that Kosoko family was playing prominent roles in the Oba Eshinlokun Day celebration because late Oba Kosoko was the first child of the late Lagos monarch.

Descendants of Oba Eshinlokun and other guests touring relics of Oba Kosoko displayed during the Oba Eshinlokun Day Celebration.

“Today is another celebration of Oba Eshinkokun Day and Kosoko family are playing prominent roles because Oba Kosoko was Eshinlokun’s first child and the most respected King among the Eshinlokun’s dynasty”, Prince Kosoko said.

“We are using this celebration to showcase some of the relics of King Kosoko”.

He said that the celebration is aimed at ensuring that the historical importance of Oba Eshinlokun and family is preserved.

“The importance of Eshinlokun Day in Lagos and Nigeria at large is to rekindle the continuous existence of his family in Lagos and the country at large and to showcase the importance of Eshinlokun royal family and that of his siblings to special preferences to events and happenings of the past in Lagos and Nigeria”.

A veteran Nollyhood actor and Prince of Kosoko royal family of Lagos, Prince Jide Kosoko said that it is important that the legacy of Oba Eshinlokun whose two sons also became rulers in Lagos after his death, is well preserved.

“King Eshinlokun of Lagos begat 15 children and not less than two of them also reigned after him as Kings of Lagos, meaning that the late monarch was a father of other two Kings”, he said.

Masquerades performing.
Olori Biola Kosoko, wife of Oloja – elect, leading large numbers of wives of members of the family during procession.

“One of them, King Kosoko roared through the world when he was alive. He was a very strong factor in Lagos.

“It is important that the legacy continues to exist and be honored. You should note that our royal family is very significant in Lagos and Nigeria history”, he said.

Family chieftains.
Prince Abisola Kosoko, the Oloja of Lagos (Elect) (right) with a guest standing behind the Kosoko scepters.
Prince Kosoko dancing with members of his family.
Guests admiring relics of King Kosoko during the Oba Eshinlokun Day.

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