LG Election: Igbogbo Residents Clamour For Councilor Olowu’s Return, Donate For His Re – Election

Kunle Adelabu

Hon. Wasiu Olowu, the Majority Leader of the Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Development Area (LCDA) and the Councilor representing Ward C2 in the Council’s Legislative Arm.

It is indeed an uncommon show of love and acceptance for the representation of the Majority Leader of the Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Development Area (LCDA) and the Councilor representing Ward C2 in the Council’s Legislative Arm, Hon. Wasiu Adedayo Olowu, as stakeholders in the community on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, started raising funds for his re – election bid.

According to many residents in his ward, the Councilor, who is an orthopedic patient due to an accident he was involved in some years back, has been tremendous and diligent  in his representation despite his health challenge which affected him physically.

Stakeholders in Igbogbo community who are satisfied with Hon. Olowu’s representation in the Legislative Arm of the Council and his efforts in developing the Ward, on Wednesday, initiated moves on the WhatsApp platform, ‘Councilor Ward C2 Igbogbo’ to adopt him as sole candidate and also provide  financial support for his re – election.

The contributions, which started around 8.am on Wednesday, yielded a total sum of N82, 000 early yesterday (Thursday) when our reporter spoke with Hon. Olowu.

Comrade Salami Oluwaseun, Secretary, Zone 2 CDC Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, appraising the performance of Hon. Olowu in the last four years, described it as pragmatic representation and display of respect and love for his community.

He said that he has been solving many problems confronting the community through periodic interactions with the residents and called for support for his re – election.

“My fellow distinguished Community developers and residents of Zone 2 CDC Selewu, Eregidan, Oreyo, Lantan, Agunfoye, Apalura  etc. It is in the spirit of sincerity and modesty l am writing this message to you as one of the committed members and promoter of good governance.

“In the last 4years,I believe we must have assessed and appraised the performance of our  representative at the hallowed chamber of Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA Legislative Arm and l  am pretty sure that everyone would have adjudged his performance, based on his deeds, to be a true definition of pragmatic representation with uncommon love and respect for the people and the CDA members under his watch.

“lt is a known fact that leadership comes with different challenges but I can confidently say that Hon Wasiu Olowu has conquered many political challenges through his periodic interactive meetings with his people to proffer solutions to their immediate challenges and has also been engaging in  partnership for community development, coupled with his simplicity and  humility”.

While adopting him and appealing to others to do same, Comrade Salami said that the Councilor has, through his practical representation, attracted many projects to his political ward.

“In own opinion, it is high time to reward the hard work and dedication with one voice and come out boldly to unanimously adopt our brother and Community friendly servant, Hon Wasiu Adedayo Olowu, Councillor representing ward C2, to represent us for another term in office”, he said.

“Without mincing words, Hon Wasiu Adedayo Olowu has done tremendously well for us in Ward C2 in Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA as the people’s Councillor in terms of practical and effective representation.

“In the last 4years in office, despite all the odds, the Honourable Councillor representing ward C2 has distinguished himself to be a true servant of the people and thorough bred politician and friend of the community through his regular interaction with the CDAs under his jurisdiction and attracted many developmental and intervention projects to various communities in zone 2 CDC IBLCDA via Ward C 2.

“On this note, since the current Councillor representing ward C2 has proven to be a worthy Omoluabi of zone 2 and every Patriotic Community  developer can attest to his numerous contributions  through developmental strides in various communities, programs, identifyinng with our CDAs at the point of needs and regular support for the Zone 2 CDC activities.

“On this premise, today being the 25th April,2021, I want to seize this opportunity to move a motion for the adoption of Hon Wasiu Adedayo Olowu as the sole candidate of Ward C 2 for zone 2 CDC Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA in the Lagos State forthcoming local government election come July 24,2021 on  the platform of his party, All Progressives Congress (APC)”, he said.

Through the motion which also received support from Com. Folarin Oshunkoya, Comrade Salami also charged community people on the platform to raise funds for the Councilor Olowu to purchase his party’s nomination form.

“In fact, in my own opinion, I will suggest that we contribute the money to purchase the nomination form to appreciate Hon. Wasiu Adedayo Olowu for his aggresiveness in bringing developmental projects to Ward C2 in Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA.

The Chairman, Community Development Community (CDC) Zone 2, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, Com. Gbadamosi Adewale, also contributing on the platform, supported the call to raise funds for the Councilor’s re – election.

“I strongly support this motion”, he wrote.

“Let us pull resources together to purchase the nomination form for Honorable Wasiu Olowu as a reward for his dedication and excellent service to ward C2 in the last 3/4 years of his representation.

“I so submit”.

Engr. Dayo Osore, another community chieftain, was philosophical in his response as he charged members on the platform to learn from the representation of Hon. Olowu.

“This Life: It will continue to teach us lessons!….The voice of Man is the voice of God….I think this is playing out now…God is working!!!…..”, he said.

“Everyone of us needs to learn something here….I mean from the Man of the moment (Hon Wasiu Adedayo Olowu) ….

“For people to take this matter upon themselves, is an indication that Hon Wasiu Olowu has met his People’s expectations….

“This is what we need to emulate as a people!!… Good and effective governance…My prayer for our Honorable is that God will continue to allow him meet his People’s expectations…Amin…” , he prayed.

“To the good people of Ward C2, you are all awesome…God bless you!! For me, I have learnt from this whole scenario”, he said.

New Era CDA Chairman, ldiorogbo Agufoye, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, Engr Hassan, speaking on behalf of his community, commended Councilor Olowu for his impact while he announced the donation of N20, 000 on behalf of his community towards his re – election bid.

“The entire members of NEW ERA CDA Idiorogbo Agunfoye sincerely support our personal person, Honourable Wasiu Adedayo Olowu, for his second term bid, knowing fully well your impact in our community which generations will  see and continue to appreciate”, he said.

“Thank you for bringing steady light to our community. We are supporting this good  gesture with #20,000:00”, he announced.

Meanwhile, Councilor Olowu has reacted to the unexpected gesture by the stakeholders in his Ward, stating that he feels honoured.

He said that he’s only discharging his constitutional responsibility in meeting the expectations of his constituents and charged his colleagues to do same.

“To be sincere, I feel so honoured and I’m happy. As a Councilor, it has not been an easy task, but if any Councilor can go by the constitutional role, what is happening to me right now, will surely happened to him or her” , he told THE IMPACT in a chat.

“Community Development Association (CDA) is the fourth tier of government and they embark on community services. What they want from us as Councilors is to always be available in terms of their needs and attending the CDAs meeting.

“At this junction, l have to thank the three zones that made up ward C2 at the CDC Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, Zone 2, Zone 8 and Zone 9. God Almighty will continue to strengthen them all, Amen”.

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