Why I Should Be Supported For Ikorodu Chairmanship Position – Hon. Olosugbo

Kunle Adelabu

Hon. Jimoh Azeez Olosugbo, Chairmanship aspirant for Ikorodu Local Government addressing party members on his programmes if elected.

An aspirant for the Ikorodu Local Government Chairmanship position, Hon. Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo, has stated reasons why he should be supported ahead of other aspirants to emerge as the flag bearer of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and also ensure that he wins the main election come July 2021.

The young politician, who spoke while formally declaring his intention to The Mandate Group (TMG), his immediate political caucus at Banjoko’s house in Ikorodu, on Saturday, May 1, 2021, said that he has the requisite experience and capacity to manage Ikorodu better and give every one sense of belonging.

“As young as I am, I have spent more than 20 years in Ikorodu politics following and working for leaders of our party.

“I was Personal Assistant to our representative in the Lagos State House of Assembly for four years and l was also elected as a Councilor and  I was the first to be given a return ticket in 2011 for the second term during which I became Leader of the House.

“I aspired for the Chairmanship position of the lkorodu Local government four years ago but I was prevailed upon by the leaders to allow one of our leaders to represent our group and without hesitation, I agreed and even led the campaign.

“I am 40 years old now and not too young to lead the Ikorodu Local Government, considering my experience, youthfulness and capacity. I should be supported to bring new ideas and dynamism into our party and our council”, he declared.

“Mr Babatunde Fashola, SAN, became governor of this state at a young age, Obama became America President at 47 and Yahya Bello became governor of Kogi State at 39. So, at 40, I am not too young to lead the Ikorodu Local Government and everybody should support this aspiration.

“We want to create a future for our council, youths and Ikorodu in general”.

He said that he is very much interested in ensuring that the council is more involved in primary education and restoring sanity back to primary schools in Ikorodu.

“I cannot fathom the neglect of our primary school education by the council. I am a beneficiary of many interventions during Baba Awolesi administration and there was a time in Ikorodu when late Alhaji Alagago and others were interested in every Ikorodu young person to go to school.

Party women celebrating Hon. Olosugbo’s declaration for the Ikorodu LG Chairmanship position during the meeting.

“I want to bring that era back into our system. I want to ensure that your children have access to primary education and they are not on the street when they are supposed to be in school.

“While I was a Councilor, I introduced Back – to – School programme which cut across my Ward among other programmes. If elected, I will re – introduce the Back – to – School programme in a big form in all our Wards.

“This will help parents in providing basic educational needs for their children”, he said.

Olosugbo also said that he would practice an inclusive government where everybody will have a sense of belonging and would not be discriminated against.

“What have you benefited from the Council in the last four years? We all witnessed the era of Alhaji Anipole as Chairman of Ikorodu Local government. During that period, there was no discrimination against anybody on the basis of their political groups they belonged to. Both Mandate and Justice Forum knew that they own the council and always went there.

“We have witnessed otherwise in the last four years and that is what we want to correct. If elected as Chairman. I will provide a government of inclusion for everybody. You will all have access to the council irrespective of where you come from.

“I will bring back empowerment to all our Wards where we can consistently assist our people and let them know that they have the right to benefit from the party they help to power.

Olosugbo, who said that he helped the council to shore up the revenue profile during his tenure as the Leader of the legislative arm of the lkorodu Local government, also pledged that his administration will drastically improve on the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) if elected.

He also assured residents of Agura/Gberigbe that his administration, if elected, will partner with the community in terms of developmental projects, especially roads.

“We are not going to abandon our people in Agura/Gberigbe. We are going to partner with the community in terms of making Agura roads motorable and for other developments. Agura won’t be left alone like they are witnessing now”.

The Chairmanship aspirant also called on all aspirants to ensure that they focus on issue – based campaign rather than engaging  in unnecessary political war which is capable of creating enmity and preventing further cooperation after the election.

Cross section of APC members at the declaration by Hon. Olosugbo.

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