Business Owners, Others Commend Ikorodu Market Expo

Kunle Adelabu

-5 raffle draw winners emerged

Various products displayed at the just concluded 2nd edition of the Ikorodu-Oga Market Ekpo held at the Ikorodu Town Hal in Ikorodu.

Businesses owners that displayed their products and offered various services at the just concluded 2019 Ikorodu-Oga Market Expo have commended the organisers for the initiative and expressed interest in participating in subsequent editions.

The Market expo, which was part of the activities marking the just concluded 28th Ikorodu –Oga Day Carnival, commenced on Saturday, November 9 and ended on Friday, November 15, 2019.

Many of the businesses owners and vendors who partook in the Expo, while speaking with THE IMPACT, confirmed and expressed their supports for it to be held every year the same way it is done in other developing places.

On the final day of the Expo, five lucky winners, who emerged through raffle draws, won themselves various services.

Akinsanya Bisola and Mr Damola won themselves a night at the Ai Royal hotel, Tunde Labode won himself two nights at Double M Suites in Victoria Island,  Biola Onilenla won a month free gym subscription at Ai Royal Hotel while Mr Hamzat Jimoh won Spa session at Fingertouch Spa.

Some of the owners of businesses, while speaking with THE IMPACT on the eve of the Expo’s closure, commended the initiative while also suggesting areas of improvement for its organisers.

A large number of them also expressed their intent to participate in the 3rd edition of the Expo in 2020.

Jennifer, CEO of Lush Luxury Beddings, an Ikorodu based business which deals in bed sheets, pillow cases and others, stated that the Expo has given her business exposure and network.

“The Expo has been a really great exposure for my business. I have been able to network with some hoteliers and other customers”, she stated.

“The Expo is okay and I don’t have any regret coming to showcase my stuffs”.

When asked if she would be participating in next year’s edition, Jennifer stated:

“Of course, you don’t even need to ask me that. I am ready to book ahead of next year’s edition if it is possible”.

Abina Mayowa, the CEO of Savory Cakes and Confectionaries, stated that her company surpassed its sales expectations and described the Expo as amazing.

“The Expo has been amazing. I made sales every day. I am fulfilled and today (eve of the closure of the Expo), I decided that I am not going to display my products because I have surpassed my expectations. I just came around today to patronize other vendors”, she stated with fulfilment.

She also asked the organisers to improve on the publicity for the Expo.

“I think that the organisers need to look at the area of publicity and improve on it. A lot of people didn’t hear about the Expo. A lot of my friends staying in Ikorodu didn’t hear about it at all. They should work in that regard.

“I will definitely be part of the next edition if l am in town”, she stated.

Mrs Balikis Jimoh, Chief Executive Officer, Krystbal Prints which deals in all kinds of Ankara fabrics, is another business owner at the market expo. In her own remarks, she stated that:

“It’s not really bad because I made sales but they have to work on the publicity in subsequent editions so as to get more people to be aware of the Expo. I had to encouraged my own customers to come around and buy from us. They need to increase the awareness to drive traffic to the Expo.

“They tried. It’s really not bad. I will be willing to be part of the event next year by God’s grace” , she confirmed.

A dealer in all sought of cocktail drinks, Mrs Kehinde Hassan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Panty Drinks, speaking with THE IMPACT, stated:

“Basically, its been amazing but I think that they need to work more on security and publicity aspects so that we can have more people trooping in to patronize us. I hope that the organisers will improve on the Expo next year.

“The patronage has been okay because I have been selling since Day 1 that I came here.

“I will surely be part of the Expo next year. I will be coming big”.

Mr Olanrewaju Akintobi, the Sales representative of Bread Station, makers of bread based in Igbogbo, also stated that the Expo was great.

While stating that the company made over 80% of expected sales, he also added that their product enjoyed exposure courtesy of the Expo.

“The Expo is great. I think that I am impressed with it. We have been able to make sales and made more people be aware of our products. We have been able to make 82% in terms of our sales here. People have been coming around to patronize us and returning to buy more and gave good commendations about our product.

“We are going to be part of the Expo next year and I pray that it will be bigger and better than this”, he stated.

Another vendor, Mrs Ruth Abogunrin, expressed mixed reactions while also suggesting to the organisers to work more on publicity to make more people to be aware of the event.

“The Expo has its ups and downs. I don’t think that people are aware of it as they should. But it’s okay and I believe that it will get better next year.

“The organisers should work more on awareness creation to get more people to be aware the Expo. If they can create awareness for it in the Television and radio, that would enable more people to know about it and consequently affords us( business owners and vendors) to record more sales”, she added.

Omotanwa Onafeko, representative of Vino Gano, dealers of herbal and wine drinks, in her own remarks, commended the Expo.

“The expo has been interesting and we are enjoying the entertainment. We have a known product that people are coming in for.

“We are 100% sure of our participation in the next year’s edition.”

Miss Liyele Tolulope Ololade, CEO, D’Pearls Closet Entreprise, an Ikorodu-based company that deals in textile products, adire batik, traditional caps and other handmade materials, also commended the idea behind the Expo but lamented that she was unable to make any sale.

She, however, stated that the Expo afforded her the opportunity to network with prospective customers.

“The idea is okay, though, I have not really been able to make sales but I have been able to network with new intending clients. The Expo has really exposed my business.

“The organisers have to work on the publicity aspect of the Expo. By God grace, I will be part of next year’s edition.”

Sandra, CEO Flawless by Sand which deals in Skincare products, in her own remarks, stated that:

“The Expo was amazing. We made good sales and we have been able to make new contacts and networking too.

“For next year, the organisers should improve on the way the Expo was organized this year such that all tents would be facing the entrance. A situation where some were placed behind others are not okay.

“I will be willing to be part of next year’s edition of the Expo”.

Mr Adeleke Akadiri, a notable beer distributor in Ikorodu, a partner of IKODASS and one of the initiators of the Beer Village at the annual Ikorodu-Oga Day Carnival, while commenting on the Expo, stated that:

“The Market Expo is a welcome development. It’s part of the economic empowerment through culture. What brought about the Market Expo is the Beer Village initiative. During the Ikorodu-Oga Day celebration, people normally go back home in the afternoon when programmes are over but we thought that people must feel the festive nature of celebration and since we have introduced the innovation (Market Expo), people usually crave for the annual celebration months before its actually celebration in November.

He stated that the Expo must focus more on promoting local products.

“The invention of the Market Expo is a welcome idea that has come to stay. By next year, we would see to it that it is repackaged and taking beyond what we are having now. It is a very good and laudable idea but we must focus more on promoting local products and services.”

Meanwhile, the initiator of the market expo, Miss Arinola Okeowo, the CEO, Ultra Signatures, also described the Expo as a success.

“The expo was a success, bigger and better than what we had last year. Our prayer is for it to keep getting better and we can see this from the amount of vendors and shoppers that turned up”, she stated.

“Most of the businesses at the Expo recorded high number of sales and also got prospects for their businesses “.

According to her, plans are underway to introduce big brands that would help drive residents and other shoppers to the venue of the Expo in subsequent editions.

“For 2020, we hope to bring in more big brands. We will be targeting brands that can help drive people to the Expo ground.

“We will also work more on the raffle draw. We hope to give out more gifts to the shoppers”.

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