Construction of Ipakodo/Igbogbo/Ijede Road Takes Off In Igbogbo Township


One of the construction giant’s machine excavating a part of the road on Thursday

Igbogbo residents, who had been complaining about the failure of the construction giant, Hitech Construction Limited, to begin work months after the demolition of their  houses to pave way for the proposed highway, woke up on Thursday, May 4, 2018, to  see construction workers engaging in excavating work at a portion close to Club 24 junction which is located at the middle of the ancient town.

Motorists, who did not pay attention to the road diversion signs strategically  placed  along the road, were seen making U-turn at the point where the road was closed for the ongoing construction work to take another route.

Engineers and site workers on site

The highway, which is over seven kilometers, will pass through the heart of Igbogbo kingdom to link Igbe, Ijede and several other communities along that axis.

A resident of Igbogbo confirmed to THE IMPACT  that construction work actually started on the road  from the heart of the town on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

Engineers and site workers on site
One of the road signs placed at strategic positions by the construction giant

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