OPINION: Ikorodu war of posters

I am perturbed and deeply concerned about the campaign of calumny of certain people in Ikorodu against the person and personality of Hon. SOB Agunbiade, member LAHA Ikorodu Constituency 1. The plethora of posters designed and pasted to rubbish his person is just uncalled for and devoid of any progressivism. As much as i support the principles of democracy and democratization, I am of the opinion that political campaign should be thought driven, intellectually resounding, progressively captivating and devoid of any hatred for the opposition or the contender.

I want to call the attention of the perpetrators of these undue campaign of calumny that the position in question is a legislative position and such representative can re-contest for as many times as his electorates want him to represent their interests at the hallowed chamber, especially when confidence has been earned and trust bestowed on such representative. SOB has done finely and brilliantly well, i await a debate on this conclusion and ask for a score card of his predecessors.

Even though i was a bit cynical about his decision to contest after a private meeting with him on January 1st 2014, where he privately informed me that he would be contesting, I decided to give my unflinching support to him when i perused objectively his achievements so far in the last seven years, after a pragmatic juxtaposition of the performances of his predecessors. I would have volunteered to join his campaign team uninvited, but the avalanche of details on my schedule will not afford me the full recourse to partisan politics for now, sequel to my refusal to pick a nomination form in the next local government election as expected by friends and stunning supporters. Let us prepare for the task ahead in the nearest future, God willing.

People of Ikorodu are intellectually inclined and know what they want. Any individual who wishes to contest for the LAHA seat, should present a manifesto that will curry the favor and support of the people to his or their side(s) and not enagage in war of posters.

Ikorodu Oga onibaje ooo.

Jimoh Hamzat, wrote from Ikorodu

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