Prince Alani Onibudo Unveils Plans For Agric Development In Ikorodu

Kunle Adelabu

An aspirant for the Chairmanship position for the Ikorodu Local Government, Prince Ibrahim Alani Onibudo, popularly called ‘Prince of Quebec’s, has taken up the challenge to unveil his agenda for food if he’s elected into the Beach Road office.

Onibudo, while speaking on THE IMPACT WhatsApp platform, one of the newspaper’s interactive channels, disclosed his plans to improve food production ranging from creating platforms for effective interaction with farmers to establishing a mini -food processing plant and creating app to monitor food supply among others.

One of the platform’s active participants, Comrade Julius Oloyede, had, on late Saturday, challenged all the Chairmanship aspirants on the platform vying for the position in Ikorodu LG, to avail members of the platform and the entire residents of their agenda for agriculture that would boost food production.

Oloyede had posited that:

“We are challenging you to feed Ikorodu people with looking back ooo!

“What’s your manifesto on practicable agriculture, knowing fully well that Ikorodu has limited land faaaaa”, he asked.

The Chairmanship aspirant responding, welcomed the challenge and stated that agriculture will be the main focus of his administration’s agenda if elected.

He said that he plans to create a platform for effective interaction with farmers and establish a mini -food processing plants for some common food among others.

“Good question! I’ll start by stating that agriculture is the flagship of our programs for the good people of Ikorodu”, he revealed.

“We have the plan to create an agricultural platform for all stakeholders to step on and relate together towards achieving food surplus at cheap prices for our people.

“We have carefully classified the food that our people eat and we are close to finalizing on how to achieve our goal on this.

“We plan to encourage mini food processing plants for common food like cassava and maize.

“One of my projects back in my school days as student of Architecture was designing of a mini- food processing plants from raw materials to finished food.

“To ensure that these plans succeed, we have identified possible risks and ways to eliminate them”, he said.

Speaking further, Onibudo also said that his administration plans to develop an app from abroad that would be used in proper monitoring.

“We are also currently working with an app developer from San Francisco LA, to create app to monitor food supply into our food markets in lkorodu, at cheap prices”, he said.

“The app will monitor the process (on a large screen) from the time any farmer in any part of the country, plants his/her seed to the time an average Ikorodu resident will decide to have his/her next meal, on a timeline.

“The app will enable us to quickly identify any challenge in any of the part of the food supply process, for us to effectively come in as a LG to rescue the situation.

“On the timeline are items like cultivation, security, storage, transport, etc”, he added.

Onibudo also disclosed that there are also development plans for other sectors, and called for people support.

“The effective developmental programs (not only on agriculture) that are coming to us in Ikorodu, are so massive! My team and I will not be able to handle them alone. We will always need your support”, he said.

“I have so much more to say. But I’ll stop here for now. Thanks for the time everyone”, he said.

He listed wide promotion of agrepreneurship, free training on mechanized farming, juicy incentives to students and youths in agriculture and international field trips to farms and ranches among others as ways to encourage youth and students into farming.

Meanwhile, another participant and a farmer, Mr AbdulHakeem Oyeniyi, thanked Prince Onibudo and also charged him on the need to ensure that his campaign promises, especially on agriculture is implemented and not turn into another empty promises.

“Thank you so much @⁨Ibro Canada. I believe and hope that your plans won’t be on papers alone,that it will be written and go longer way into practical and lastly become a reality”, he charged.

“We so much appreciate you for taking the time to answer our questions concerning welfare of Ikorodu people”.

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