Lagos Assembly To Make Laws For Preservation Of King Kosoko Historical, Cultural Heritage

Wale Jagun

Hon. Bonu Solomon, Chairman, Lagos Assembly Committee on Tourism (middle) holding insignias of a popular Lagos Eyo masquerade – Opambata and Akete, Prince Abiola Kosoko, Oloja of Lagos elect (left) and Hon. Gbolahan Ogunleye, a member of the committee during the visit of the Lagos State House of Assembly to King Kosoko Palace and Memorial Museum, Ereko, Lagos on Tuesday.

The Lagos State House of Assembly House Committee on Tourism Arts and Culture on Tuesday visited the King Kosoko palace to witness the preserved historical and cultural heritage of the late Lagos King and Oloja.

The late King Kosoko reigned as Oba of Lagos from 1845 to 1851 and joined his ancestors in 1872.

Hon. Bonu Solomon, the Committee Chairman on Tourism, representing Badagry Constituency, address reporters during the visit about the importance of culture to society.

“When you lose your culture, you have lost the value of your life. This is an historic day for me and my colleagues, and we have no choice but to make laws to back up this kind of monument in Lagos State”, he said.

During the visit, Hon. Bonu was particularly intrigued by a picture showing people being executed by placing their backs on a drum. He connected this with recent discussions about capital punishment for kidnappers.

 Hon. Bonu emphasized the need for the legislative arm of the government to revisit justice laws and capital punishment laws to ensure appropriate punishments for offenses.

Chieftains of King Kosoko family joining the Oloja of Lagos elect in presenting souvenirs to the lawmakers during the visit.

Oloja of Lagos elect, Prince Abiola Kosoko, who is a descendant of King Kosoko, revealed that the artifacts in the museum had been collected over the past six years.

He said that the goal is to involve the government in making the palace a tourist site. Mr. Kosoko urged the State Assembly and the executive to support the family in declaring King Kosoko’s 161-year-old building a historical site.

According to Kosoko, the family has been working on the preservation of their heritage for the past six years and sought government involvement. They turned to the Lagos Assembly because they understand how laws work and can provide the necessary support.

Prince Kosoko emphasized the importance of preserving family history and promoting cultural heritage through an agency that showcases artifacts and hosts cultural events.

Regarding the impact of culture in curbing social vices, Kosoko stated:

“We should honor good history and recognize good antecedents that will keep our history together. Our culture allows for correction and honoring. When we have Obatala festival, people understand why they must not do something wrong during that time.”

Prince Kosoko explaining the functions of some of the important artifacts at the palace to members of the Assembly committee on Tourism during the visit

The custodian of the over 150 years King Kosoko palace also expressed his support for capital punishment for people who kidnap and kill others. He cited historical evidence, including pictures of individuals executed for their crimes, as a reminder of the consequences of such actions.

Hon. Bonu Solomon and other members of the committee in group photograph with Prince Abiola Kosoko and chieftains of the family.

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