Construction Of 3.7 Kilometers Drainage Commences Next Week On Agura, Gberigbe Road

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-Arab Contractors still on site to complete road project – LASG

Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun, representative, Ikorodu Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly and the facilitator of the construction of the 3.7km drainage system on the deplorable Agura/Gberigbe Road, Ikorodu,(standing) addressing residents st the stakeholders’ meeting on the project at AMA’s Hotel, Abule – Eko on Thursday. Engr. Adegbite, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Drainage Services (3rd right), Engr. Ajadi, Director, Office of the Drainage Services (2nd right), contractor handling the project (right), Hon. Kareem Kabir, Vice Chairman, Ijede LCDA (3rd left), Council Leader, Ijede LCDA (2nd left) and Chairman, CDC Ijede LCDA (left)

Efforts of the residents of Agura, Gberigbe and other adjoining communities in Ikorodu, to continually call the attention of the Lagos State Government to the state of their deplorable road which has caused them serious hardship, especially flood whenever it rains, has yielded results as the government announced its plans to start the construction of drainage system to control flood in the axis.

Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun (AMA), representing the Ikorodu Constituency II, and other senior government officials from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources and Ministry of Works and Infrastructures, announced to the residents who were full of smiles on the development at a stakeholders’ meeting over the project held at AMA’s Hotel, Abule Eko, Ijede Local Council Development Area (LCDA), on Thursday.

The construction of the 3.7kilometers drainage system has a duration of two years, while the contractor, Pissos, expected to move to site as soon as the preliminary works are concluded next week.

The government officials, which included a Permanent Secretary and Directors, commended Hon. Aro whom they described as a good representative who has been on their necks and disturbing the Governor over the road.

Hon. Aro Abiodun, who is the Chairman, Lagos State House of Assembly’s Committee on Public Private Partnership (PPP), in his brief remarks, informed his constituents of the plans of the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo Olu, to solve the problems confronting the community over the deplorable state of the road.

Engr. Adegbite, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Drainage Services (standing 2nd right) introducing the representative of the company handling the 3.7,km drainage construction on Agura/Gberigbe Road (right) during the stakeholders’ meeting on Thursday

“We are here to let us to know and be aware that our cries have gotten to our Governor and that is exactly why he has directed the Office of the Drainage System to construct drainage system from One – fold to Palm Avenue road and down to Igbopa”, Ikorodu Constituency II announced.

“We have with us today, the government functionaries that would explain the project, its duration, places that would be affected and other things that you need to know about it’, he added.

The first term lawmaker appealed to parents and stakeholders at the meeting to warn their children and other youths in the area against disturbing the contractor and its workers whenever the work commences, warning them that there would be dire consequences for anyone that does that.

While asking them to bring any complaint to him in good time, especially if their properties are marked for demolition, Hon. Aro also charged them to relate the mssages to residents in their various Community Development Associations (CDAs).

Engr. Adegbite, Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, while also announcing the project as approved by the Governor, also appealed to the people on the need to properly managed their water and drainages.

“We are basically to let the people of Ijede know that the drainage that would address your flooding problems has been awarded by Mr Governor, and the fact that the project is about to start”, he said.

Cross section of stakeholders

“We are also appealing to you not to abuse drains. I have been talking with the CDC Chairman on how to manage our drainage systems before the programme commenced.

“The drainage infront of your house is your responsibility as a resident. The last time most of us touched the drainage in front of our houses was probably the last time that we had the Environmental Sanitation, but that should not be so. It must be a daily responsibility.

“The last time that your Honourable called the Governor, Commissioners and other functionaries had to call him to assure that the job would be done. This is one of the joy of having a very hardworking representative”, he added.

While introducing the contractor to the stakeholders, the Permanent Secretary also appealed for maximum cooperation from residents to have a smooth and timely completion of the project.

“We are today with the representative of our contractor. We brought him here so that we will not be talking in abstract. We have a contractor and in the next one week, he will erect his signboard to show that we are very ready. Right now, they are doing surveying and other preliminary works”, he said.

“They would start in earnest because of the volatility in materials and we all know what is going on. If you look at the price of cement now, we are all aware of what is going on. We want a very quick project in order to finish it as soon as we can.

Hon. Aro Moshood addressing stakeholders

“We require maximum support. There would be one or two inches; removal of fences and the main reasons we are constructing drains on the main road is to avoid removal of houses as much as possible. There would be inconveniences but we require your maximum cooperation. The contract is for two years because of the length”, he appealed.

He assured residents that their safety and ways to make life convenient to them during the construction are uppermost in their plans.

The Director, Office of the Drainage Services, Engr. Ajadi, provided the technical details of the project to stakeholders.

“Ministry of Works and Infrastructures has commenced the road construction and they had gotten in touch with the Office of the Drainage Services on the water carriage and since then, we have been working day and night. Eventually, Mr Governor has approved the construction of the collector drain”, he said.

“We will be constructing the tertiary drain beside the road. The tertiary drain will carry the water into the collector drain and takes it to the canal.

“The drainage we are constructing is about 2metres wide. You can see how big it is. The depth is about 4feet. It is going to collect water coming from you and other waters.

Hon. Aro Moshood in group photograph with government functionaries and representative of the contractor (2nd right) after the stakeholders’ meeting in Ijede LCDA

“In the process, some properties, especially house fences, would be affected. Please, we would expect your cooperation. Very soon and not later than next Monday, our people would come around to mark where the drainages would be constructed. If your house is affected, we expect your cooperation.

“What we wanted to do is for the betterment of the residents. We have seen series of protests because of the flood and now we are here”, he too appealed.

While providing further information on the project, the Director also explained why the ministry cannot afford any delay on the project and the need for the residents to take ownership of the project.

“Our contractor is here and he has collected money which is your money and the essence is to do the job. We don’t want any delay because delay is very dangerous. We know the way materials are skyrocketing every day. We want to do the job on time. We need your cooperation”, he further appealed.

“The length of the job is 3.7 kilometers, so, you can see the extent of the job and the earlier they finish this project, the better. There are also other roads that the government is going to do and they will be discharging into this collector that we are constructing. You can see the importance of the road.

“At the same time, you are part of the supervisory team. We want you to monitor the project, but if you see anything, you will have to talk to our contractor through the Honourable (Hon. Aro Abiodun).

“We are going to commence excavation and it is going to be laterite. I know that people would be compliant, please, don’t disturb our contractor, we don’t want anything that would distract him. Let our contractor do the job. After the construction, we will backfill the excavated section and deliver the project”, he assured.

Engr. Shamsideen Alejo, Director, Ministry of Works & Infrastructures, assured residents that the Agura/Gberigbe road construction is still on course, adding that the Office of the Drainage System needed to do the drainage for proper channeling before the contractor can continue with the construction.

“What the Office of the Drainage Services is embarking on is very important because there is no way that we can construct a road without proper water channeling’’, he said.

“The contract for the road construction that was awarded to the Arab contractor is for two years and without a proper drainage system, there is no way the road that we are constructing can stand the test of time.

“We still have our contractor in their yard. They have not abandoned the job and they would be working on the road as the Office of the Drainage System are working on the drains. We are collaborating and sharing data to have a good project and we appeal for your patience and cooperation”, he said.

Concerns raised by the stakeholders who were full of appreciation to the Governor and their representative, Hon. Aro Abiodun, were addressed at the meeting.

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