Sanwo – Olu Announces Three Day Work For Lagos Civil Servants

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-Announces relief packages for residents

Gov. Babajide Sanwo – Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has announced a series of interventions aimed at providing relief for Lagosians, during the current economic hardship in the country.

He announced the reliefs during a live broadcast where he addressed Lagosians on Thursday.

Among these relief measures is that civil servants from level 1 to 14, will only work from office three days in a week.

Sanwo – Olu said that the rationale behind the decision is to reduce pressure on Lagosians and make them work remotely.

“We are seeking to achieve a process where people will slow down, reduce the pressure from the work environment. We don’t want a tired public workforce; let them be able to work remotely”, he said.

“We have a lot of online technologies that can handle some of the responsibilities that they are doing, and Lagos State has such resources,” he added.

The Governor also pledged his administration’s commitment to the welfare of retirees in the state, while recognizing their contributions.

“Lagos is the first to ensure that only pensioners who retired in 2023, are awaiting full payment; everyone else has been cleared. We recognize the vital contributions of our pensioners and affirm our commitment to addressing their financial needs promptly and plans are on-going to clear those outstanding”.

On food which has been a major source of concern to the populace because of daily increase in the prices of food stuffs, Sanwo – Olu revealed comprehensive food palliatives plans to reach vulnerable households across the state.

According to the Governor, over 100 trailers of essential food items, including rice, garri, and beans, are expected to be distributed to 300,000 households.

Sunday markets will be established in 42 markets offering staple foods at reduced prices with a 25 percent rebate.

“We are also introducing the ‘soup bowl’ initiative, akin to the soup kitchens implemented during the lockdown, to provide daily meals to residents in need across every local government area for the next 60 days,” Governor Sanwo-Olu said on food palliatives.

Lagosians are also to enjoy a 25 percent reduction in public transportation fares effective immediately. This reduction applies to all modes of public transport, including BRT, trains, and ferry services, in collaboration with various transport unions.

In the area of health, all the 31 general hospitals in Lagos, will offer free child delivery services, including both normal and caesarean births. Sanwo – Olu also announced reduction in the cost of essential drugs for conditions like hypertension and diabetes, with rebates available at healthcare facilities.

In addition to free delivery services and reduction on essential drugs, health missions will be conducted across six health districts, providing free medications and health checks to thousands.

Governor Sanwo-Olu, while addressing Lagosians, also pledged elimination of the requirement for parents to provide evidence of tax payment while enrolling their children/wards or when they are resuming back to schools.

On state policing, Sanwo – Olu said: “I am a big advocate for state policing and the Lagos Neighbourhood Agency has over 5000 officers and I have given approval for more to be employed. If the Federal Government approves full state policing, we will be ready to deploy 10,000 men with more training”.

Gov. Sanwo – Olu also commenting on housing, said: “With the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority resolving over 1,000 tenant-landlord disputes, we continue to stand by the rights of our residents. We’re dedicated to ensuring fairness in housing for every Lagosian especially during these times”.

Also unveiling his administration’s plan on road, the Governor said:

“On road infrastructure, we are set to start work on 180 inner roads across the various local government areas. This will be undertaken by our empowered council chairmen and they will fix 120 roads concurrently. The State Government will support this effort by rehabilitating 60 inner roads”.

“On the 4th Mainland Bridge, groundbreaking will be done in April signifying our relentless pursuit of progress. This monumental project will not only improve connectivity but also drive economic growth, marking a historic milestone for Lagos. It will be done in phases and I will continue to give timely updates”.

“On our partnerships with other states, we are working on improving collaboration with the Ogun State Government on various projects including taking up the stalled construction project especially from Sango area. We have also secured 500 hectares of land in Ogun State, to grow rice.

“Already, the Red Line has entered Ogun State, and we are discussing ways to do more extensions. We are also always supportive of the Oyo State Government like with the recent unfortunate disaster where we provided material and expertise to achieve faster resolution”.

He pledged that his government will continue to innovate and implement policies that reduce pressure on the people.

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