King Kosoko Royal Family Calls for Unity, Preservation of Heritage

Kunle Adelabu

-As family head charges on adherence to laws guiding family’s chieftaincy matters

Alhaja (Chief) Mutiat Ashabi Alli – Balogun (sitting 3rd right) with other chieftains of the King Kosoko Royal Family while the family’s General Secretary (standing) is addressing the meeting

The head of the King Kosoko Royal Family and Oloja of Lagos Chieftaincy Family, Alhaja (Chief) Mutiat Ashabi Alli – Balogun, has called on entire members of the family, home and abroad, to support her in moving the royal family forward.

Alhaja Alli – Balogun, who stated that it is through unity that the family can overcome obstacles and continue to make progress, also called on aggrieved members of the family to come back into the fold and support her in using the enabling laws that guide the family’s chieftaincy matters, to move forward.

The family head made the appeal at the royal family’s general meeting held at the King Kosoko Palace, Ereko, Lagos on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

At the well – attended event, Alhaja Alli-Balogun also assured that she would constitute an advisory committee which membership would cut across the family, to address issues confronting the family.

“As we gather at this general meeting, I would like to take a moment to emphasize the importance of unity within our esteemed family. Our strength lies in our ability to stand together, support and uplift one another through every triumph and challenge that life presents to us”, the family head charged.

“Throughout history, the Kosoko family has upheld the values of our registered traditional law with unwavering commitment. This law has guided us through times of uncertainties and will serve as a beacon of stability for generations only if we come together. I implore each and every member of our family to remember and honor the strength of our heritage and the invaluable responsibility that comes with it.

Prince Jide Kosoko, veteran Nollywood actor, speaking on behalf of the Head of the family.

“In the past, we have experienced moments of disagreement and division within our family. Today, I call upon all aggrieved family members to set aside any resentment or misunderstanding and come back into the loving fold of the Kosoko Royal Family. Let us embrace forgiveness and understanding, rekindle the bonds that make us who we are”, Alhaja Alli – Balogun appealed.

While emphasizing the need for cooperation and unity among family members, the Kosoko royal family head also charged members that the interest of the family must be of great concern to everyone at all times.

“As Head of the family, it is my duty and privilege to lead and serve each and every one of you. I humbly request your unwavering support in all the endeavors I undertake to move our family forward. Together, we can achieve greatness, transcending any obstacle that comes our way. I am here to listen, to guide, and to ensure that our family’s best interests are at the forefront of all my actions”, she said.

“At this juncture, I will call for the support of those that are aggrieved towards my decision to follow the available law, and I am using this medium to assure them that I will put in place the necessary mechanism to address the request of those that are still aggrieved by constituting an Advisory Committee from both parties which will be saddled with the responsibility of providing me with lasting solutions to address the issues raised by aggrieved family members.

King Kosoko Royal Family chieftains

“Whilst all hands are on deck, I will continue to make the necessary changes that will make the Kosoko dynasty remain within the recognized committee of first royal family.

Alhaja Alli – Balogun also charged members that came from far and near for the meeting on the need to protect and preserve their heritage and also open themselves to changes in the ever – dynamic society.

“Furthermore, I believe it is crucial for us to embark on a journey of rebranding the Kosoko family. The world around us is evolving and we must adapt to the changing times, whilst preserving our unique identity. Let us shed the old norms that hinder our growth and embrace a renewed spirit of innovation and progress. I urge every member of our family to contribute their talents, ideas, and skills to this endeavor. Together, we will forge a legacy that future generations will be proud to inherit”, she further appealed.

“Let us never forget the treasure that lies within the preservation of our family heritage. Our history, our traditions, and our values shape who we are as individuals and as a family. Let us be dedicated custodians of our heritage, passing down our rich legacy to our children and their children.

“It is incumbent upon us to protect and celebrate our unique traditions, to ensure that they stand the test of time and continue to be a source of pride for generations to come. I seek for unity, adherence to our traditional law, the return of aggrieved family members, unwavering support for the ongoing rebranding process of the Palace and the task of preserving our heritage, together with the constituted family social policies designed to address our shortcomings for a futuristic continuation of our wellbeing. We will not only overcome the challenges that lie ahead, but we will also flourish as Kosoko Royal Family”, the head of the King Kosoko Royal family said.

Prince Abiola Kosoko, the Oloja of Lagos elect (right) and other chieftains of the family

All the head of branches, representatives and members commended Alhaja Alli – Balogun’s leadership role and welcome her appeal for peace to work in harmony.

They also call for the meeting to be organized quarterly or twice a year to bring family members, both home and abroad, together.

After the meeting, family chieftains and members took time to visit the King Kosoko Royal Museum and its extension which was newly built. They commended the initiative which many descrbed as pride of their family.

Kosoko family chieftains and members at the general meeting
Chieftains of the family
Back view of family members at the meeting held at the King Kosoko Palace Ereko, Lagos

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