What Transforming Nigerian Program Intends To Achieve For Young Women – Organisers

Kunle Adelabu

Organisers of the Transforming Nigeria Youths Program, have unveiled the objectives of the training with a specific focus on empowering women between the ages of 18 and 35, who are involved in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria, as deliberately designed towards supporting young women within the Ikorodu Community, with the aim of enhancing their knowledge and creating income and employment for themselves.

The Transforming Nigerian Youths program is organized by the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University, in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and Ikorodu – Oga Development Association (IKODASS).

The program, which is a 3-day training program holding at the Ikorodu Town Hall, encompasses entrepreneurship courses and business consulting services. These community learning sessions will not only contribute to the personal and professional development of the participants, but will also have a positive ripple effects on the local economy.

In a statement released by the Chairman of IKODASS, Mr Rotimi Akeem Erogbogbo, the organisers said that the program is set out to achieve the following objectives:

“Mindset Transformation: The program seeks to inspire Nigerian youths to embrace entrepreneurship and equip them with the necessary skills to become self-employed or increase their employability”.

“Management Capacity Development: It aims to enhance the management capabilities of young individuals running existing MSMEs, enabling them to access markets, scale their businesses, and generate more employment opportunities”.

“Stakeholder Engagement: Through advocacy efforts, the program aims to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to create enhanced job opportunities for youths, particularly young women. It also seeks to change the perception of Nigerian youths regarding jobs in the MSME sector, emphasizing their significance and dignity”.

After the training, participants would be monitored through a growth plan and would also have the opportunity to advance to the next phase of the program.

“Upon completion of the training, participants will obtain a certificate of participation and fill out a growth plan, which serves as a roadmap for participants to articulate their vision for scaling their businesses/career and achieving long-term success. The growth plan will be reviewed, and learners will have the opportunity to advance to the program’s second phase, which includes:

“Access to Market: A platform to showcase products and services at an exhibition, enhancing visibility; One-on-One Business Support: Participants will receive personalized guidance from certified consultants and Access to Information, and Personalized Business Services: Learners will gain access to valuable information and tailored services to support their business endeavors”.

The program, which has impacted over 120, 000 youths, have provided job sustainability, enhanced employability, and the creation of new job opportunities for others.

Endorsing the youth empowerment program, the Erogbogbo led IKODASS, said:

“Ikorodu Oga Development Association firmly believes in this 3-day training.programme. Our endorsement and partnership of the programme signify our commitment to the economic empowerment of our female youths and the overall success of the Transforming Nigerian Youths Program”.

The program is free. Register Now via this link : https://bit.ly/ikodass-train

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