2024: Ikorodu North LCDA Chair To Focus On Infrastructure, Education Empowerment Across Council

Kunle Adelabu

Builder Adéọlá Adébisi Banjọ Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA.

The Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Adeola Adebisi Banjo, has unveiled the policy direction of his administration in 2024.

He listed infrastructural development, education, water and youth empowerment as focus of his administration this year.

In a New Year address to the people of his council, today, Banjo thanked them for their support and cooperation in 2023.

In the new year, the council boss also charged residents to discharge their duties to the government by paying taxes and extend their support and cooperation for good governance to be fully entrenched in Ikorodu North LCDA.

Banjo’s New Year address is reproduced below:

New Year Address from Builder Adéọlá Adébisi Banjọ, Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA

My good People of Ikorodu North,

As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, I extend my profound gratitude for your unwavering support and cooperation throughout 2023. Together, we achieved significant milestones in our pursuit of impactful governance, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments ahead.

In 2024, our focus sharpens on infrastructural development with a commitment to transforming our community. We embark on a mission to revamp our roads, making the previously unmotorable ones smooth and accessible. Our “Budget of Infrastructural Development” is not just a plan; it’s a promise of positive change.

Our commitment to the future extends to our children. This year, we prioritize the education sector, ensuring that our schools are equipped with ample chairs, lockers, and educational aids. We will strive to make schooling a comfortable and enriching experience for our young minds.

Recognizing the fundamental need for clean water, we pledge to provide boreholes to areas where they are most needed. Every household deserves access to safe and reliable water sources, and we aim to fulfill this essential requirement.

Our youth,ls, the architects of our future, will witness an era of empowerment. Through strategic partnerships with local and international bodies, we will initiate projects that empower and uplift our young talents. It’s a commitment to nurturing a generation of leaders and innovators.

To this end, I implore everyone to cooperate by fulfilling their civic responsibilities, especially in paying taxes and levies. Your contributions play a pivotal role in supporting our endeavours to bring about impactful and transformative changes.

Lastly, I encourage us all to live up to our appellation, “The Tower of Resources,” showcasing the strength that lies in our collective unity and commitment to progress.

As we embark on this new journey, may joy light up our homes, sound health be our constant companion, and prosperity reign in every aspect of our lives. May this year be a testament to the power of unity and shared goals, bringing happiness and abundance to each and every one of us.

With heartfelt appreciation and warmest wishes.

Builder Adéọlá Adébisi Banjọ

Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA.

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