One Year After, Children, Party Leaders, Members Remember Former Mushin Woman Leader, Chief Mrs Modupe Awodogan

Wale Jagun

A year after the death of a very influential politician and woman leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Mushin Local Governmen/Odi – Olowo/Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area, Chief Mrs. Modupe Awodogan, (Nee Ige), popularly called, ‘Iya Oniyan’, family members, party leaders, associates and party members, on Saturday, December 9, 2023, gathered for a remembrance event in her honour.

At the special service held at the Odi – Olowo/Ojuwoye LCDA Secretariat, children and those that were positively touched by the late political leader while alive, recalled her good deeds and the kind of person she was.

Many widows were presented with food items under the Late Chief Mrs. Awodogan’s Non – Governmental Organisation (NGO), ‘Save Our Widows to Survive’, a body committed to upholding the legacy of Hon. Chief Mrs. Modupe Awodogan, and ensure the continuation of her care for the widows and vulnerable people in the society.

Hon. Oluwagbeminiyi Awodogan, Supervisor for Transportation, Odi-Olowo-Ojuwoye LCDA and the last son of the late woman leader, speaking with THE IMPACT, said that he missed her mother’s love, support and guidance.

Hon. Oluwagbeminiyi Awodogan, Supervisory Councilor for Transportation, Odi Olowo/Ojuwoye LCDA and the last born of the late woman leader with his wife, Hon. (Mrs) Eniowo Dayo Awodogan, Supervisory Councilor for Tourism & Civic Engagement, Ikorodu West LCDA with food items distributed to widows in commemoration of the one year remembrance of late Chief Mrs Awodogan

“I really missed Mama. She was a mother of all nations and always stood by me when I started politics then. She would always introduce to leaders in Mushin and the State, and also tell me about them, how to behave whenever I am in their midst and how to relate with them. She would also tell me how I should engage and relate with our political people generally”, he said.

“She would always emphasize that I should not let my loyalty to be questionable to my leaders and the party, and that I should be humble, respectable and committed to the party.

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“Iya Oniyan was a leader that always provided for the people and always interested in getting what is due to them. She was dependable and the the party people always come to her for advice and support”, Hon. Awodogan said.

While stating that politics in Mushin is progressing, Hon. Awodogan also stated that his late mother will be immortalized in due course.

“In the whole of Mushin LG and Odi – Olowo, she was the only woman leader who impacted greatly while she was here, but thank God, the politics here is progressing and the party and our people are remembering her for her deeds”, he said

Hon. Awodogan and wife with guests at the remembrance ceremony with bags of food items distributed to widows

“Immortalising Iya Oniyan is something that I cannot start to talk about now, but I have strong belief that God will give us the capacity to do that, because she was a good leader and good mother. Like the Chairman (Odo –Olowo LCDA) said, she was mother of all and I have no doubt that her legacy will be preserved”.

The Supervisory Councilor thanked family members, leaders, associates and party members that graced the remembrance ceremony.

The Chairman, Odi – Olowo/Ojuwoye LCDA, Hon. Rasaq Ajala, said that party chieftains and members turned up for the remembrance ceremony, because the late woman leader impacted on many while alive.

“We are here to celebrate a political enigma, a leader, a rare gem and a woman that had used her position as one of the foremost leaders in APC in Lagos State, and most especially, in Mushin Local Government. Today, it is one year that she left us and we have to continue to pray for her and help her family members to remain intact, and ensure that love and affection radiate within her political family”, the Council boss said.

“It is not only the children that Iya Oniyan gave birth to that can call her mother, she was also a mother to many others that she used her influence to put in positions. We are automatically her children too.

Hon. Ajala presenting a bag of food items to one of the beneficiaries

“May Almighty Allah forgives her sins and make her a beneficiary of paradise, and may God in His infinite mercy, empowers the children that she left behind with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, affluence and influence that they will use to ensure that her legacy continue to live”.

Mrs Oloruntoyin Bentel, APC woman chieftain, described the deceased as a kindhearted and good woman.

“We cannot complete speaking about the lifetime of late Iya Oniyan, if we start now. Her life was that of care and fighting for others. Politically, we don’t agree at all time, but she had never denied me anything that should be given to me”, she said.

“She was a good woman, kindhearted and a cheerful giver. She was always ready to make available all that she hasd in her house to anyone that visit her. She was very nice”.

In her own remarks during the special remembrance ceremony, Princess Temilade Ogunrinde also ascertained the good deeds of the late political leader.

“Late Iya Oniyan was a sister to me, and I can confirm her goodness and generosity while alive. She was mother of all. She was always ready to listen to people anytime that they brought any matter or problem to her. She was always concerned about others”, she said.

Alhaji Taju Oladosu, speaking on life and times of the late woman leader. With him are Islamic chieftains, party leaders and guests

“She was fond of standing by anyone that needs help and would go to any length to ensure that she assist the person resolve the matter. I am sure that she would be favoured in heaven”.

Also speaking, Alhaji Taju Oladosu said:

“She was my mother, in-law and my boss. We were together for about 27 years. I married my wife at her shop. I served as her Coordinator across the state”.

“She was a good mother that I always miss. She had great impact on my family”.

Hon. Ejike, Vice Chairman, Ladipo Spare Parts Market, in his own remarks, said that the late Chief Awodogan was a problem solver.

“Mama was our woman. She was a very humble woman and we are her tenants at Ladipo. She always stood by us whenever we have problem, especially at Alausa. Once we call her and she intervenes, the problem is solved”, he said.

“She was very dependable and we are always sure that she would answer us whenever we call on her. My prayer is that his son and wife, will continue from where she stopped”.

Hon. Awodogan with party members

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